Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lillian: ten months

Height: 27.5 inches 

Weight: 22.4 lbs (or at least that's what I got when I sat her on our bathroom scale)
Diaper Size: Still size 4's during the day and 5's at night. She really needs to be in a 4.5 during the day but they dont make those! As soon as were done with this box of 4's i guess i'll just start putting her in 5's

Clothing size: 12 months for 90% of her clothes. There are a few 9mo pieces that still fit her but not many.

Nicknames: Still calling her little bug.   

Health: Another great month. She is teething so there has been a few rough nights but for the most part she is doing perfect.  

Sleep: Still taking two naps a day. Her morning nap ranges from 45 min to two hours, and her afternoon nap can be anywhere from 20 min to an hour. I was worried at one point that she was dropping her afternoon nap, but she picked it back up thank goodness.

Eating:  She now gets an 8oz bottle in the morning, real food breakfast between 9-9:30. A lunch bottle of 6oz (which she takes FOREVER to eat), a real food lunch. A "dinner" bottle of 6-8oz, real food dinner around 5:30. Then one final 8oz bottle between 7-8pm

Favorites: She has a bunny that she sleeps with and its her favorite thing ever.

Milestones: She is crawling (well army crawling) all over hte place and super fast which gives me a workout chasing her around. She is now pulling up on everything she can, the couch, the coffee table, her toys, her crib, the dog, etc, etc. Lilly has also started blowing kisses this month and gives hugs (which makes me melt every time). Its incredible how smart she is. I know every parent thinks there kid is the smartest/prettiest child ever, but i sweat my kid is smart haha. She is also developing a serious personality.... which includes her mommas attitude (Lord help me).

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