Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lillian: eleven months


Height: 27.5 inches 

Weight: 22.4 lbs
Diaper Size: Size 5's  they are a little saggy but fit her around the waist and thighs haha

Clothing size: 12 month in everything

Nicknames: Chicken nugget is what I usually call her, Tyler calls her Boo Bear or by her full name haha   

Health: We had a few rough days which turned out just to be teething. Of course I thought she had an ear infection so we went to the doctor just to be told that she looks great  

Sleep: Sleeps great at night but naps have been an issue lately. She had a few days where she only took one nap a day but it was 2/3 hours. We'll see if she keeps that up or not. Its just weird having to get used to a different schedule 

Eating:  She now gets an 8oz bottle in the morning, real food breakfast between 9-9:30. A lunch bottle of 6oz (which she takes FOREVER to eat), a real food lunch. A "dinner" bottle of 6-8oz, real food dinner around 5:30. Then one final 8oz bottle between 7-8pm (exact same as last month)

Favorites: Her bunny is still her favorite, but lately she has been carrying around a Little People figure in her mouth which drives me insane.

Milestones: This month it seems like she grew leaps and bounds (not physically haha but mentally). She learned how to drink out of a straw. Her favorite thing to say is "hey kitty kitty!". Shes started crawling up on her hands and knees, she doesnt do it all the time though, normally just if shes on carpet. She's started standing on her own, not for very long. I really think she will be walking in no time. She knows how to do answer "how big is Lilly?" by raising her arms high above her head. She is slowly learning patterns (ex: how to slap the table then clap in a pattern).  

Just like I've said every month, she is the happiest kid ever. When we go out in public people always comment on how cute she is and how friendly she is. She'll wave and say "hey" to everyone. We are so lucky to have this amazing little girl as our own. 

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