Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lillian: Nine Months

Height:  (will update after her dr visit)

Weight: (will update after dr visit)
Diaper Size: Size 4's during the day, size 5 night time diapers

Clothing size: She can fit in some 9mo things but mostly 12mo stuff.

Nicknames: Bug, chunk butt  

Health: Shes been great! Fingers crossed she has Tylers immune system and she stays healthy.  

Sleep: She takes two naps a day which range from 45min to 2 hours. She also is still sleeping through the night. We've had a few tough nights where its hard to get her to go down but we attribute it to teething and being off her schedule.

Eating:  Still gets four 8oz bottles throughout the day and eats "solids" two times a day at breakfast and dinner. She has also finally started chewing! She loves puffs and we let her taste veggies when we are eating them at dinner.

Favorites: Still loves to point. She also seriously loves her stuffed animals.

Milestones: Shes learned a lot of "tricks" lately. Clapping is still a fun thing for her to do. She has also learned how to give kisses, shrug her shoulders to say "i dont know", give high/low fives, and she can roll from being on her belly to sitting up! That was one we worked on for a while and now that she can do it I kind of regret it haha. When i put her down for naps she usually ends up sitting herself up and sitting there for a while before she finally lays herself back down and falls asleep. She is seriously such a joy and honestly the best baby ever!

She wont keep bows on anymore.... It breaks this mama's heart!