Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lillian: Six Months

Height: 25" 15% 

Weight: 18lb 5oz 85%
Diaper Size: Size 4's. We had a quick doctor visit two weeks ago and I had her in a size 3 and her ped politely said that I should probably go a head and move up in size since she's chunky haha.

Clothing size: She is in 6 month clothes and a few 6-9 month things. For Pj's we have to put her in a long sleeve onesie and pants because all of the 6month zip up/button up PJ's are too long in the body for her. Poor thing.

Nicknames: We still call her Bug, or Lilly bug most of the time. 

Health: We've fought a cold for almost 3.5 weeks... It was awful. But she is back 90% now thank goodness.

Sleep: She is still sleeping like a champ. Because of her cold she actually slept in her rock-n-play for 3 weeks straight. I was worried that we would have an issue transitioning back to her crib, but nope. Lilly loves her crib and her room, and sleeps great. The morning of the 26th (her actual half birthday) I woke up at 8:30 in a panic. For a split second I thought the monitor had died and imagined her laying in her crib crying. Nope... she was still fast asleep. I actually had to wake her up and she was not happy about it. See picture below.

Eating: Same as 5 months. Still eating 32-36oz a day of formula, and once a day she gets a full jar of level one baby food. I felt bad for all of 1 day that we are feeding her store bought baby food. She loves the food we've given her, its organic, so whatever. Her favorite so far is the honey-crisp apple. Which doesnt surprise me a bit.

Favorites: Being in the car.... We've had a serious issue with her napping lately. So admittedly we have loaded her up in the car and driven around just to get her to nap. She also really enjoys just laying on the ground and rolling around. Her favorite toy right now is an empty water bottle. Give her one of those and shes good till you take it away.

Milestones: Lillian is officially a sitter upper. She starting sitting up on her own on August 28th and hasnt looked back. We're still working on crawling but we'll get there!

Happy half birthday sweet girl. We love you more then words!

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Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

I can't even deal! I want to squeeze her! So cute - happy 6 months Miss L!!!