Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lillian: Four Months

Height: 23.5 inches (13%)

Weight: 15 lbs 5.6 oz (74%) Yup you read that right... she is short and fat!

Diaper Size: Still in size threes

Clothing size: 3-6 months on most things, a few 6 month items fit (width wise at least haha)

Nicknames: Bug is the one we use the most, or squiggle worm

Health: Perfect, I'm thinking shes got her daddy's immune system thank the Lord

Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ! She goes down between 9-10 and sleeps till 7:30-9am. I generally let her sleep till she wakes up on her own unless we have something planned where we need to be on a solid schedule for the day. She also usually takes 2 naps a day. One in the morning and one mid afternoon. She sometimes takes little cat naps around 6 but not every day.

Eating: We are 100% on formula now which I've come to terms with. She gets 8oz bottles every 4 hours during the day. We also usually do a 6oz bottle around 7:30pm and her last 2oz around 8:30pm. I feel like thats easier on her tummy then a full 8oz right before bed.

Favorites: This month she LOVED blowing bubbles. All day every day. For a while she basically gave up cooing/talking for bubbles... which drove me nuts because she would spit everywhere haha. Thankfully by the end of the month she is back to giggling and talking up a storm. Toys she is loving are her rattles and exersaucer. She is a busy little thing!

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