Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lillian: Five Months

Height: 24.5 inches (I think, I measured her myself so it could be off)

Weight: 16.8 pounds

Diaper Size: Size 3's

Clothing size: She is still wearing 3-6 months. There are a few things that are 0-3 months that she still fits in though. There are also a few 6 month things she fits in. The weird sizing for girls clothing evidently starts at birth.

Nicknames: Lilly Bug is the one we use most.

Health: We think she is starting to teeth, shes been fussier then normal lately which is very abnormal for her. not excited about the next few months.

Sleep: Girl sleeps like a champ. Its been rough getting her to fall asleep lately but once shes out shes good to go and sleeps all night till between 7 and 8 in the morning. We also moved her to her crib which shes done great with. Momma however isn't taking it well. I spend most of my nights laying in bed staring at the monitor.... During the day her morning naps have gotten shorter and shorter. Now she only cat naps for about 20 to 30 minuets. In the afternoons she will normally sleep for an hour or two though which lets me get stuff done around the house.

Eating: She is still eating 32-34 oz of Earths Best formula a day. We have started purees once a day as well. Shes loved everything shes tried so far. Butternut squash was her first, and since then shes also had peas and bananas.

Favorites: Lilly has discovered her screaming voice again. When she was an itty bitty thing she would scream bloody murder for no reason and we've started it up again. Her aunt Lisa is convinced its because Lilly is bored being stuck at home with just me to look at haha. So we have done lots of trips to Target lately, she loves being in her stroller so its a win/win (except for our bank account... oops).

Milestones: This month we officially learned how to roll from back to belly. Anytime you put Lillian down on the floor or in her crib she rolls around like a little worm. She also has started to "sit up". Not totally on her own but we've almost got it down

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Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Love that little gal - your snaps make my day! Way to go on sleep L! :)