Sunday, June 26, 2016

Llillian: Three Months

Height: 23 inches (or at least thats what I got when I measured her, no doctors visit this month so I'm not 100% sure)
Weight: 14 lbs
Diaper Size: We just moved up to size threes. We ran out of twos and while the threes are a tiny bit too big they work
Clothing size: She is still in some 0-3 month things and some 3-6 month things. I'm trying to dress her in all of her 0-3 month outfits over the next week or so to make sure we wore them all haha
Nicknames: Little bit, honey bun, wiggle worm, Lilly bug
Health: this past month we did have to make a "sick kid" trip but it was just for an infected nail bed. We still love her doctor and are so glad that we stuck with her.
Sleep: Lilly sleeps like a champ. She usually wakes up between 7-9am (it depends on when she fell asleep the night before). Then is awake for the day taking a few catnaps here and there. Sometimes she will take longer naps but not every day. She then goes down for the night between 8-10 (this depends on the nap situation during the day).
Eating: Home girl is a hungry hungry hippo. She eats every 3 hours during the day and has 6oz at each feeding. At night before bed sometimes instead of 6oz we will just give her 2-4oz depending on how she is acting. Also over the past month my supply of breast milk has steadily decreased and I'm now only pumping 2x a day and she gets 2oz of breast milk during her lunch time feeding. The rest of the time she gets Earths Best organic formula and loves it.
Favorites: Lilly's favorite toy right now is her stuffed elephant rattle that Nana got for her, and she still loves her lamb paci. She loves chit chats with Tyler when he gets home from work, and a new thing we've started at night is she gets to lay in our bed with us for a little bit before we lay her down in her bassinet. She just giggles and chats up a storm the whole time.

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