Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lillian: Two Months

This is a week late but the info/pictures are right!

Lilly's second month of life was good one. She is growing like a weed! The girl loves to eat and sleep which is great. We've had to supplement more with formula but she is still getting 2-3 bottles a day of the good old fashion boob milk. At her two month appointment we found out she is short and chunky and perfect. On the way to the scale the sweet nurse said she bet that Lilly was over 10lbs, I laughed because she broke 10lbs before she hit a month old. At two months she was 12lbs 10oz, 22 inches long. 81% for weight and only 30% for height.... like I said, short and chunky.

Some nicknames we call her are Little bit, honey bun, pop-tart, chunkster, and baby girl.
She loves to smile and giggle, and the girl LOVES to talk.
She sleeps through the night and loves being in her bassinet or crib. If its passed her bed time (9pm) she will fuss and want to be laid down. She usually will sooth herself to sleep by sucking her thumb and talking to her self.
She hates tummy time now, and prefers to be sitting up so she can look around. We do out best though and do tummy time a few times a day.
Lilly has a strong grip and will grab and hold on to her paci and can even get it back in her mouth on her own if she pops it out on accident.
Baths are her second favorite time of the day (other then bed time), she just sits and coo's and would soak in the tub all night if we let her.

She honestly is such a laid back, easy baby. She does have her moments where she will scream for no reason, but they are few and far between. We are LUCKY!!

Happy two months on earth little one!

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