Monday, March 14, 2016

38 Weeks


How far along
Today I am 38 weeks and 2 days.... 12 days to go....  

How big is baby
Around 19.6 inches, probably around 7 (maybe a little more) pounds. 

Weight Gain/Loss 
No clue, probably gained. 

I'm basically miserable 24/7, hip pain, lower back pain, braxton hicks, pelvic pressure, indigestion, if its a pregnancy symptom... i've got it at this point.

Maternity clothes
Yup, I also got a few nursing bra's and tank tops this week.

Stretch marks
Still just the few on my sides.

Sleep sucks and I've been pretty emotional, not even gonna lie. 

Baby girl

A whole lot of stretching going on on her part, she's running out of room for big kicks.
Best moment this week
Same as last week. Just getting to hear her heartbeat is the best thing ever until I get to hold her.

Food cravings
Nothing really, I haven't been as hungry this week. 

Downs this week
Exhaustion and constant pain. Tyler has also been sick which isn't fun. I'm trying my best to stay away from him. I don't need whatever cold germs he's got.   

Labor signs
Just lots of braxton hicks

Wedding rings on or off
Today was the first day I didn't put them on... I tried to this morning and they were already tight.

Belly button
Still kinda in

I have officially washed every article of baby clothes we have... We're ready for you baby girl!

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