Monday, March 7, 2016

37 Weeks

I didn't really get dressed... I did have on jeans but that is a tshirt I squeezed in to and a tank top I've had for years. Gotta save my maternity clothes for days I'm actually going out in public. 

How far along
37 weeks, well technically today I'm 37 weeks 2 days.  

How big is baby
I'm guessing she is around 6.5-7 lbs at this point, and around 19.1 inches long. 

Weight Gain/Loss 
Gained... Duh.

Hip pain is awful, when I stand up, well really when I move at all I feel like my hips are just going to fall apart. The heartburn is pretty crappy lately too.

Maternity clothes
Yup (minus the weekends when I just wear whatever I can squeeze in to).
Can I change this to "baby clothes"? I made little girl a hat to wear on her trip home from the hospital. I'd never made this style bow, but it turned out cute I think. And the plan is to put her name on a white onesie in light pink to match.

Stretch marks
Same as last week, I haven't noticed anything new and I'm counting my blessings on that one.

I'm lucky to get a total of about 4 hours a night... Up and down to pee, roll over, kick off the covers, etc. 

Baby girl

Lots of wiggles, jumps, stretches, hiccups, punches, and rolls. She is running out of room quickly!
Best moment this week
Getting to hear her heartbeat. Its always such a reassurance that everything is going good. I'm excited I'll get to hear it every week till she arrives.

Food cravings
Milkshakes have been a big part of my life this week.

Downs this week
Still feeling exhausted all the time. As much as I want to get stuff done just the thought of going to Target makes me want to take a nap, thank you online shopping.  

Labor signs
I've had a few "real" contractions which aren't fun.

Wedding rings on or off
Still on. But they get tight throughout the day....

Belly button
Actually still partially in. I don't know if it will ever actually pop.

 This weekend I put up her clothes. They've been washed and separated into sizes in her closet storage bins for a while but I finally pulled out all her 0-3 month clothes and put them in her dresser drawers for easy access. So many cute onesies that I can't wait to dress her in! 

It's not in the nursery, but we got her car seat installed! My car is officially a mom mobile now and I love it! Also, watching Tyler install it made my heart melt... not even gonna lie.

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