Monday, February 29, 2016

36 Weeks

How far along
36 weeks, officially 9 months pregnant

How big is baby
Per my Glow app baby girl is around 18.6 inches long, and according to our ultrasound last Tuesday she is probably around 6.3 lbs (just my guess... she was 6lbs on the nose at our scan)

Weight Gain/Loss 
I did gain a pound this week, but I'm taking it in stride.

Braxton hicks this week have been insane, and the hip pain has been even worse. Yay for my body getting ready for birth.

Maternity clothes

Stretch marks
No new ones have popped up which is a plus. Still just a few on each side.

Sleep still sucks, but my mood is good. I am starting to get anxious about delivery but I think thats normal.

Baby girl, which was confirmed again at our ultrasound. Had to make sure because shes got a lot of pink stuff haha.

 Wiggle baby wiggle. I've started calling her Little Foot because her little feet are constantly pushed up against my side which i LOVE LOVE LOVE. We also got a picture of one of her feet at our scan. Its really the only "good picture" because she is so big at this point its hard to get a good picture. We did get to see her with her hands crammed in her mouth which was super cute.

I will say that Sunday afternoon home girl was rolling around. At one point she flipped sides and had her feet up against my left side which felt weird. Shes been curled up on my left with her feet pointing right for the past month or two. I guess she is just running out of room and trying to get comfortable. As long as she doesn't flip upside down. Shes also been head down for over a month and I need her to stay that way!

Best moment this week
Getting to see her, its been since our gender scan on November 5th since we've seen her. And knowing we'll see her in real life in a month or so is crazy!

Food cravings
Mexican... give me all the queso.

Downs this week
Same as last week. I've just felt awful lately and its cramping my style. I'm exhausted and in pain almost 24/7 at this point. 

Labor signs
Nope, not real labor, just braxton hicks.

Wedding rings on or off
Still on.

Belly button
Partially in

I'll call it done, but I know I'll keep tweaking things for the next month. Also my mom and nieces stopped by this weekend and my mom is obsessed with the nursery which is pretty cute. No thats not a baby... she is rocking a blanket.

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Renee Nelson said...

I have loved reading your updates here! I think my new favorite pict is your Mom rocking the blanket! Too cute!