Tuesday, February 23, 2016

35 Weeks

How far along
35 weeks

How big is baby
18.2 inches and around 5.3lbs, we'll find out today how big she really is though! I can't wait to see her. Its been since our gender scan since we've seen her.

Weight Gain/Loss 
I've actually stayed around the same weight the past few weeks. I haven't been eating gorging myself like I did for a while there.

 Hip pain, braxton hicks, heart burn... the usual

Maternity clothes
Duh... And even my maternity clothes are getting too small. My jeans look like high waters and my tummy is starting to hang out the bottom of my shirts. Cute right?

Stretch marks
Still just the couple on my sides. Sweet hubby asked me if they hurt haha. Not physically... just emotionally.

 Sleep still sucks but I'm getting used to it. And I've started having more anxiety lately. I've been really good on that front since I found out I was pregnant but I guess things are starting to really hit me now... we're going to be parents!

Baby girl!

 She is still a little wiggle worm who loves trying to stand up inside my stomach (as I was typing this she started kicking like a crazy person haha).

Best moment this week
Getting more done in the nursery. Its so sweet seeing Tyler fix things in her room. Also my mom ordered baby girl her very own Lovie. I've talked about Lovie before, I've slept with this lamb every night for almost 20 years. Now my little will have one of her own. I literally almost cried. Mine is on the right, the new one is obviously the left haha. I forgot how fluffy she used to be.

Food cravings
  I've been very in to gellato this week.... oops

Downs this week
I've felt awful lately. Major hip/growing pains, exhaustion, just emotionally drained. I've actually been talking to Tyler about possibly cutting my hours at work down to 30-35. I've ended up leaving early at least one day a week the past few weeks so it just makes sense to go ahead and plan on that instead of stressing out and feeling like I'm letting my team down. We'll see though. I need to talk to HR at work about it this week....

Labor signs
I don't think so, some some pretty good braxton hicks contractions.

Wedding rings on or off
Still on.

Belly button
Partially in

Its basically done! I mentioned to Tyler the other day that they suggest that you have your hospital bag packed by 35 weeks and that evidently set him in to over drive haha. The nursery now has shelves, a lamp, a night light and even a cute little decor piece Tyler picked out on his own.

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Mrs. Southern Mama said...

That lovie is precious and I love the meaning :)