Monday, February 15, 2016

34 Weeks

How far along
34 Weeks, 6 to go! 

How big is baby
17.7 in, 4.75ish lbs

Weight Gain/Loss 
I actually somehow lost 2 pounds this week? I havent felt the best so I havent been eating as much I guess.

I've had terrible pain in my hips and lower back, to the point where I just want to cry. I know its baby girl growing though so I'm trying to suck it up and remind myself that everyones mom goes through this. 6 more weeks....

Maternity clothes
Duh... I was excited about finding some maternity pantyhose this past weekend. And i've decidedto only wear maternity hose from now on, no risk of them death rolling since they come up all the way to your boobs!

Stretch marks
Still just the 2 on my right side... lotion, oil, lotion!

Sleep sucks, not even gonna lie. But I'm getting used to it which is a good thing I guess since I'll never sleep again haha.

Baby girl!

Baby girl is still a wiggle monster and I love it. I have noticed that she stays still when I'm stressed/anxious. I don't know why I think thats so funny. She can tell momma is on edge so she just stays still... I feel like I've talked about that before but oh well. 

Best moment this week
We had our maternity pictures on Saturday and while it was literally freezing outside... it was fun. My friend Leona did my hair and make up making me feel beautiful for the first time in a while. Getting all dressed up just felt so good from my normal maternity jeans and whatever shirt covers my belly outfit.

Food cravings
Still in to hamburger meat. This baby girl is gonna be a carnivore for sure.
Downs this week
Still just the growing pains

Labor signs
I really thought I was having contractions on Friday but it was more just constant pain so I'm chalking it up to round ligament pain. Is it bad that I'm really hoping at our ultrasound on the 23rd they tell us that she is measuring big and that we can expect her to come early?

Wedding rings on or off
Still on.

Belly button
Partially in?

It looks like a nursery now. She has sheets on her mattress, a changing pad on her changing table (which Tyler finshed this week and its beautiful), humidifier and sound machine. Of course you're never really "ready" but I feel at ease now knowing we're pretty prepared if she showed up tomorrow. I still have somethings to do though: line the drawers of the changing table, set up the monitor, buy/install shelves, get a lamp/table for next to the glider, make a crib skirt, and find a rug but thats all things that dont have to be done RIGHT NOW (well minus the lining the drawers.. that needs to be done this week) so I'm not stressing about it. Now please take a look at this beautiful refinished changing table Tyler worked so hard on.

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