Tuesday, February 9, 2016

33 Weeks

How far along
33 weeks

How big is baby
17.2 inches, 4.25 lbs

Weight Gain/Loss 
Well.... Officially up 40 lbs. It hurts to write that but were being honest here. I'll be honest about my after baby weight loss too!

Hip pain is awful. My doctor said its my joints getting ready for labor but omg it's awful. Especially after sitting for a while, when I stand up it feels like my groin muscles are being ripped apart, so much fun!

Maternity clothes

Stretch marks
I have 2, and they're both on my right side. Again, just being honest. I'm still using lotion/oil multiple times a day to hopefully keep any more from popping up.

I'm getting used to not sleeping. I'm up probably 3-5 times a night to pee, and then in between those trips to roll over/adjust my belly. All I can say is thank God for our tempurpedic and for coffee. The first lets me actually get some sleep and the second helps me get through the day.

Baby girl!

Lots and lots. Little miss is very active and I'm still loving it. She is mostly wedged in my ribs which isn't very comfortable but oh well. It says on one of my pregnancy apps that her kicks should get "less violent" since she is running out of room.... wrong. Now instead of quick hard jabs, its more of a "I'm trying to stand up inside your stomach so I'll put all my strength into your lower rib or side for a solid 20 seconds" which hurts worse then the kicking boxing moves I had gotten used to. It will actually make me say "ouch" without thinking, not even gonna lie.

Best moment this week
Saturday Tyler and I spent the day finishing up shopping for little ones arrival. While he was slightly miserable spending 2+ hours at BuyBuyBaby he was a trooper.

Food cravings
I still want hamburger meat for every meal... Or really any beef. Last night I had a brat with a side of mini bbq sausages. I have a problem.
Downs this week
The hip pain.... It's almost unbearable sometimes. 7 more weeks....

Labor signs

Wedding rings on or off
Still on.

Belly button
Partially in?

We actually got a lot accomplished this weekend! We got the shelves for her closet (the ones I had a break down about last weekend), she has a mattress, and Tyler is finishing up her changing table. We're on a roll!

Tyler putting together the shelving unit was pretty cute by the way. And they turned out exactly like i wanted! And even better, we found them on sale at big lots. They're not the best quality but I figure they're in a kids room, they're bound to get torn up, colored on, etc so there was no point in spending a bunch of money on them.


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