Monday, February 1, 2016

32 Weeks

How far along
32 weeks

How big is baby
16.7 inches 3.8ish pounds

Weight Gain/Loss 
 Probably gain but I'm not weighing myself anymore.

Pregnancy leg cramps are a real thing yall. I woke up in tears on Saturday morning with both calves seized up.... my left calf is still sore.

Maternity clothes
Yup. I don't know what regular clothes are anymore.

Stretch marks
I hate to admit it but I think I'm getting one on my side? I thought it was a vein since I've got veins all over the place now but I'm starting to think its a mark. Ugh.

Sleep is still pretty crappy. I'll get a good 2 or three hours but after that I'm up a few times to go to the bathroom, rolling around trying to get comfortable, getting kicked in the ribs, etc....

Sweet baby girl!

Lots and lots and I LOVE IT! Yes... even at 3am when she wakes me up it makes me giggle.

Best moment this week
My sister and mama hosted a baby shower for me and it was so much fun! Lots of family from out of town came so it was great seeing everyone. Everyone kept trying to get me to slip on baby girls name but I held strong! Also my aunt claims she knew I was pregnant at my cousins wedding back in August (before we told everyone) because i was "so pale" haha. I'm usually "the tan one" thanks to my years at Palm Beach Tan so being this pale is very out of the ordinary for me. It definitely made me laugh, and yes I cant wait to get back to the tanning salon (guilty pleasure for sure).

Food cravings
Nothing new to report here. I still want a hamburger for every meal....
Downs this week
 I almost had a melt down Saturday night because Tyler asked if we needed to get shelving for the nursery closet right now, or if we could wait.... it was a totally innocent question and I about lost it. We have a lot of stuff that we need to get before baby gets here and he is the budget conscious one when it comes to baby stuff, so he was just trying to figure out ways where we could cut and save money. He just stared at me and goes "don't cry! We can get the shelves...." haha bless his heart for putting up with me.

Labor signs
Nothing here, still having braxton hicks daily.

Wedding rings on or off
On and off... I'll have moments of swelling but it doesnt last all day. I've also noticed that my feet are swelling and I'm not ok with it! At the end of the day I'll take off my socks and have lines in my ankles where my socks were digging in.... not cute.

Belly button
In for the moment but it looks like it could be flat at any moment.

Its full of stuff right now... Her crib doesn't have a mattress and is full of stuffed animals. There is a pack and play set up in the corner, all of her clothes are separated into sizes and waiting to be washed, and there is a box of bows that need to be put up. Tyler did work on the changing table this weekend so fingers crossed it will be done next weekend. We ordered a glider which will get here on Thursday, and we plan on hitting up Buy Buy Baby and Target next Saturday to get the rest of the "basics" that we need. I'm ready to have her space done!

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