Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Whats Hap-pinning

Linking up with the ladies today!

I'm gonna have a little fun and dream some. What's happening in my life? I'm planning what I'm gonna do when I win a billion dollars tonight! 

First things first, hubby and I will buy a farm! Lots of land for activities and for a beautiful farm house. 

Ours will have a tin roof and a hot pink front door (yes Tyler said I can have a pink door. I've always dreamed of being able to tell people "yeah ours is the White House with the pink door".) 

We will also trade in our cars for some different rides. I'm not sure what Tyler wants for his daily driver but I'll be buying one of these beauties. 

Nothing too flashy, just a matte black Ford Explorer.
But for the weekends? Something a little more fun. 

A hot pink Nissan GTR and a hot pink jeep, because, I can that's why. 

We will also get Tyler his dream Ford Bronco 

Then since we have lots of land we will need lots of animals to make it fun and teach our kids responsibility (if we have a billion dollars I also want as many kids as God blesses us with) 

Oh and I'll be getting a ridgeback 

And probably a few more dogs to add to the herd. No more cats though... Cupcake is enough. 

Good luck to everyone who bought a ticket! Except not, because I don't want to split the pot haha. 


Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Pink door = yes please! Love!

Jenn said...

hahahaha i love this! I have decided my first purchase will be my dream Louis Vuitton bag, but looooove that white house with the pink door thing! So cute!