Friday, January 15, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy almost weekend! Linking up with the ladies for 5 on Friday so here it goes

Floors! Floors! Floors! After a 3 month ordeal with Lowes we finally got our new floors! The carpet in our house was 20 years old... Talk about gross. So many random stains and spots. When we moved in we deep cleaned the carpet but to no avail. It didn't really bother me because we had puppies and kittens so accidents happened but with a baby on the way. I couldn't imagine our baby girl crawling around on that gross carpet. So new carpet for the master bedroom and new laminate to match the rest of the house in Tyler's office and the nursery. It looks like a different house and I love it!

Bluetooth headphones... I finally got some this week and I'm obsessed. They aren't super nice because I wanted to make sure I'd enjoy them first. And yup, I'm obsessed. I'll eventually have to test them out at the gym. 

Hoarding. Yes this a plus this week. I have a hard time throwing things away but this week it payed off with reminiscing. I found a box full of all of my old cell phones. It was pretty funny turning them on (yes I still have the Chargers too) and seeing old text messages/phone logs/etc. it did make me sad though because I used to call everyone. Actually using a phone for phone calls? Who knew!

Baby kicks. I'll never get tired of them. They are my favorite! Even at 3am when she wakes me up kicking up a storm. I'll miss it when she is born. 

Palmers coco butter. Since winter has finally showed up my hands have been so dry! I used this stuff constantly at work since I touch lots of paper it just sucks the moisture out of my skin. This stuff helps soooo much!

Hope everyone had an awesome week! Here's to a fabulous weekend! 


Cait said...

aww your making me miss baby kicks ha! and the cooca butter is the best! so glad i came across your blog and hope youll stop by mine as well!

Jenn said...

floors make such a huge difference I think! Those look great! And missing those sweet baby kicks! Its so weird when they are out of your belly then-I think I was having phantom baby kicks! haha