Monday, January 25, 2016

31 Weeks

This is what I look like when I've been stuck inside for 48 hours.... A hot mess 

How far along
31 Weeks.... single digit weeks left to go  

How big is baby
16.2 inches long and around 3.5 pounds of pure cuteness I'm sure 

Weight Gain/Loss 
 Yes? I'm sure I've gained weight but I'm refusing to step on a scale

 I'm fighting a headache right now, along with the usual hip pain, and growing pains all over. My belly is also sore from baby kicks. She is a strong little thing. 

Maternity clothes
Yup. I'm also running out of shirts to sleep in. Even the ones I've stolen from Tyler are starting to get a bit snug which isn't very fun.

Stretch marks
Nothing to report here.

  Horrible. I feel like a zombie today because of the lack of sleep last night. Between getting up to pee 18 million times and not being able to get comfortable, last night was one of the worst nights I've had in a while.  


Lots and lots of movement. I swear she can tell when I'm stressed out though. Any time I'm feeling anxious she is as still as can be, then as soon as I relax... the party is going again.

Best moment this week
 My first of two baby showers was yesterday and it was beautiful. My aunt Maggie and cousin Katie did a fantastic job with everything and it was so much fun celebrating this baby girl of mine. I of course didn't take any pictures but my cousin did so I'll post some at some point. 

Food cravings
 I all of a sudden wanted peanut butter icing on Saturday night and Tyler being the sweet husband he is whipped up some icing along with nutella waffles topped with whip cream and best thing ever.
Downs this week
 Just feeling huge. Its a daily struggle and the fact that I have two more months of getting even bigger... yikes.
Also, I had a mini melt down on Friday night. Without thinking a flopped down on our bed... On my stomach. I instantly started crying thinking I'd squashed our baby. Flopping down on a tempurpedic when it's a little chilly in the house is never a good idea, especially not when you're growing a human. I was freaking out while Tyler was trying to calm me down. I just sat there with my hand on my belly talking to baby girl begging her to kick. Of course she was being stubborn (that or she was in shock from being squished), but 5 minuets later home girl started wiggling up a storm so I knew everything was fine. My first mommy melt down happened and we both lived through it.... Lesson learned. 

Labor signs
Nope, but I am having braxton hicks daily now.

Wedding rings on or off
 Still on

Belly button
 Still in!

Another week of no progress here... I had planned on getting some things knocked out last weekend but since we were snowed in and couldn't really do anything... yeah it didn't happen. I did have fun taking the tags off the clothes we got at my shower Sunday though. I'll be doing a load of baby clothes soon and I might cry while folding her tiny little socks.... 

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