Monday, January 18, 2016

30 Weeks

Don't mind Tyler's boots and sweatshirt in the background. This is real life people!! Same goes for my 6am flat hair and no make up!

How far along
30 weeks.... Ahh!! 

How big is baby
15.7 inches and 3lbs! Putting on more and more of that adorable baby fat!

Weight Gain/Loss 
  Haven't stepped on the scale this week, but I do have a dr appointment this afternoon (I can't believe I'm not seeing the Dr every two weeks!) so we'll see.

Same.. Headaches, heartburn and hip pain oh my.

Maternity clothes
Duh. I'm did wear a pre-baby t-shirt yesterday around the house and the bottom of my stomach was hanging out. Oops.

Stretch marks
Still nothing here (that I can see). Lots of lotion and oil. I'm pretty sure I've ruined most of my t-shirts and I don't even care.

Sleep is still pretty crappy, which really sucks because all I want to do is sleep. Oh well, I figure I won't be sleeping well for the rest of my life haha.  

Sweet baby girl

She wiggles up a storm and I love it so much. Bring on the baby kicks!

Best moment this week
Getting dressed up for a wedding. I actually felt pretty and not like a beached whale for a few hours. Sure I could put forth some effort of putting on a face on a daily basis but who has the time for that?

Food cravings
I've been really in to cereal this week.

Downs this week
We attended a wedding on Saturday and my normal 4inch heels werent the best idea, but I can't help it! I'll gladly own up to the fact that I wore my old pink uggs home.

Labor signs
Nope! I'm pretty sure Braxton hicks are a daily thing but I'm not sure. I've got to ask my dr if that's what I'm feeling or if it's just baby moving weird.

Wedding rings on or off
Still wearing them every day, I have random moments of hand swelling but nothing crazy.

Belly button
Still in, i keep waiting for it to pop though.

Didn't do a thing in there this week... Not even gonna lie. I do tend to peek in the room at least once a day though.

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