Tuesday, January 12, 2016

29 Weeks

How far along
29 Weeks.... 11 to go

How big is baby
15.2 inches and 2.5 lbs (I'm still betting she is bigger then 2.5 lbs though)

Weight Gain/Loss 
 Weighed myself this morning and I'm officially up 32 lbs so far... eek! But again, my doctor hasn't said anything to me about slowing it down so I guess I'm ok. While I know my hips and butt are bigger too I feel like I'm carrying a lot of my weight in my belly (again I think baby girl is gonna be massive)

Headaches, heartburn, and hip pain oh my. By the end of the day my hips are totally over it and it sucks. The only way to get relief is to lay down which can't happen while I'm at work so I sit on a heating pad like an old lady.

Maternity clothes
Yes. I did order three dresses from PinkBlush and they are super comfy! I needed options for my baby showers coming up and we're also going to a wedding this weekend so a dress was needed.

Stretch marks
Still havent noticed any

Sleep sucks to be honest. I'm in bed and passed out usually before 10-10:30 every night but I wake up a few times between 11 and 1ish because I cant get comfortable, then around 3 to go to the restroom, and around 4 because home girl is normally wide awake and practicing her kick boxing moves. 

Sweet baby girl

Lots of it, and I love it! Yes even the 4am kick boxing workout.

Best moment this week
Picking up her crib and having Tyler put it together! I got lucky with Craig's List and found the crib I've been obsessing over for half the retail price! Its got a few dings on it but nothing substantial.  Its the Kendall crib from Pottery Barn Kids and I'm in love.

Food cravings
Nothing new here, still just red meat (cheese burgers).

Downs this week
Hip pain like I mentioned above. It was a super busy weekend so by the end of the day Sunday I could barely walk. I was really thankful for our tempurpedic to help relieve some of the pain.

Labor signs

Wedding rings on or off
Still on

Belly button
Ummm... its still kind of in?

WE HAVE FLOORS! No more 20 year old, oddly stained ratty carpet. I can say now that I'm fine with my baby crawling around in there now. Before it grossed me out just thinking of being barefoot in that room, but its beautiful now! I can finally focus on getting the room ready for her arrival now.

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Ashley Ponder said...

That's awesome that you got the new floors in for baby girl's room. I know it is exciting to get any big part done. I'm your newest follower and wanted to stop and say hi!