Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lillian: Nine Months

Height:  (will update after her dr visit)

Weight: (will update after dr visit)
Diaper Size: Size 4's during the day, size 5 night time diapers

Clothing size: She can fit in some 9mo things but mostly 12mo stuff.

Nicknames: Bug, chunk butt  

Health: Shes been great! Fingers crossed she has Tylers immune system and she stays healthy.  

Sleep: She takes two naps a day which range from 45min to 2 hours. She also is still sleeping through the night. We've had a few tough nights where its hard to get her to go down but we attribute it to teething and being off her schedule.

Eating:  Still gets four 8oz bottles throughout the day and eats "solids" two times a day at breakfast and dinner. She has also finally started chewing! She loves puffs and we let her taste veggies when we are eating them at dinner.

Favorites: Still loves to point. She also seriously loves her stuffed animals.

Milestones: Shes learned a lot of "tricks" lately. Clapping is still a fun thing for her to do. She has also learned how to give kisses, shrug her shoulders to say "i dont know", give high/low fives, and she can roll from being on her belly to sitting up! That was one we worked on for a while and now that she can do it I kind of regret it haha. When i put her down for naps she usually ends up sitting herself up and sitting there for a while before she finally lays herself back down and falls asleep. She is seriously such a joy and honestly the best baby ever!

She wont keep bows on anymore.... It breaks this mama's heart!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lillian: Eight Months

Height:  26.5"

Weight: 21 pounds 6 ounces
Diaper Size: Still in size 4's

Clothing size: We have officially moved up to size 9mo. However her Thanksgiving dress was a 12mo size and she was about to bust out of it. Baby clothes sizing is SO weird!

Nicknames: Still calling her bug.  

Health: This month has been good. She is FINALLY starting to actually teeth so a few low grade fevers but thats it. 

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night (thank goodness). Naps are a different beast though. Some days she will take a 2 hour morning nap in her crib like a champ, but other days we're lucky if she gets a 45 minuet nap. So its hit or miss for sure.  

Eating: She gets four 8oz bottles throughout the day (sometimes she only drinks 6oz which is ok), and two meals of baby food. One around 9am and the other around 6pm. We have tried more solid food but home girl will not chew to save her life and ends up half choking so we'll try again later.  

Favorites: Pointing... She points at everything. With her right hand, with her left hand, and with both hands at the same time! Clapping is also a favorite. As soon as you start singing "if you're happy and you know it..." she starts clapping like crazy. Her favorite thing right now is her deer stuffed animal. She picked it out at Target and hasn't let it go since.

Milestones: Over the last week Lillian has started saying "dada" and Tyler loves it! She also has been a daddys girl lately (she literally started crying when he handed me to her yesterday), while he loves it, I'll admit I'm kinda jealous. She also has mastered arm crawling. I'm not sure if she will ever actually crawl because she gets around so good just army crawling.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Praying for all you mama's

Its now 8:21... Lillian is still asleep (kinda) and I'm letting her sleep as late as she wants which will probably mean no nap today but whatever. The whole point of this is that I'm terrified of daylight savings time. My sweet girl is going to be wanting to go to bed at 7 instead of 8 and waking up at 6:30 instead of 7:30, and this mama isn't prepared for that.

Do any of you seasoned mama's out there have any tips for dealing with daylight savings time?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lillian: Seven Months

Height:  25.5"

Weight: 19lbs 6.4oz
Diaper Size: Still in size 4's

Clothing size: She is in 6month in some things, 9 month in others, and a few 12 month things. She is still short though which causes an issue in the length department on body suits and pants.

Nicknames: Bug, chunkers, patootie.  

Health: Shes been great this month. Had a little fever but one dose of motrin and it was gone. 

Sleep: She still usually sleeps around 11-12 hours at night which is awesome. We've had a few nights where she wakes up a few times early on in the night but she just needs some cuddle time and she goes right back to sleep. We've also been having issues with naps. She will either take a 2 hour nap or a 20 minuet nap and I never know what to expect which makes planning things for the day kinda difficult. 

Eating: We are up to two "real" meals a day. She is still eating 30-32oz of milk a day along with a fruit for breakfast around 9am and then "dinner" around 5pm. She's loved everything we've given her. We even tried peanut butter mixed with apples and she ate it right up (i might have had a small panic attack worrying she would be allergic, but no reaction!). 

Favorites: The dogs. She has become obsessed with Roxy and Zoey. Roxy is sweet enough to let her wiggle all over her, while Zoey is still weary.

Milestones: Lillian is officially saying "mama"! Talk about making my heart skip a beat. We're working on DaDa now so we'll see how it goes. Lilly is also working on army crawling. She can get around on the floor pretty good by herself, but we haven't quite mastered actually crawling yet, she more just scoots and rolls around.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Need a Support Group ASAP

Gonna get real for a second.... Tyler would probably hate if he knew I was putting this out there for the world. But I'm an open book when it comes to two things, our struggle with infertility and paying of debt. If you've had a conversation with me that was longer then 30 seconds you probably know that Tyler and I are working the Dave Ramsey plan and are on a "strict" budget. We were both pretty stupid with money in our early twenties and are working on being smart with our money now.

And it sucks.

Like big time.

We've paid off a crap ton of debt over the past few years and only have a small amount left on Tyler's truck to pay off. But the day to day SUCKS. Especially now being a stay at home mom living on one income. The whole budget thing didn't really bother me when I was working because 9 hours a day I was sitting at a desk, in my office, not able to go out in the world and spend money. Now I sit at home 24 house a day and it blows not being able to just go do what I want. Sure I go to Target and Hobby Lobby and will spend a few dollars here and there, but take today for example. I went to Target because I needed to get new sink racks (news flash, Target doesn't carry them), well of course I wandered around and picked out a few things in the clothing section for myself and threw them in my cart. I was walking to the checkout and literally started to break out in hives just thinking about spending $50 on a sweater and two tops. Before it turned in to a full blown panic attack and put the things back and high tailed it out of the store.

Would $50 have put us in the poor house? No. Would that $50 have meant we couldn't buy groceries this week? No. Would that $50 really have put a huge dent in our 5 year plan? No.

Would that $50 have made me feel crappy for the rest of the day? Yes. Would that $50 probably have made me feel crappy for the rest of the week? Yes.

Am I still sitting here contemplating ordering that sweater online...... Yes.

Being on a budget is like being on a diet/workout plan. Its awful while you're on it but you know that in the long run you'll be happier and healthier because of it. Would one donut completely ruin your progress? No. But if you don't watch out and stay on track, that one donut turns in to a dozen and before you know it you've gained 10lbs back and are starting all over again.

I was talking to Tyler the other day how I miss having a credit card sometimes. I miss going shopping and not really paying attention to what I'm spending and just telling myself "I'll pay it off later". I miss having the latest style shoes/purse/clothes/etc.

I have to constantly remind myself why we are doing this. We want Lilly to grow up not knowing what debt is. We want her to grow up knowing that you only buy what you can pay cash for.

Basically I just needed to vent for a second. Being a grown up on a budget sucks, but I know that when I look back on this time in 10 years I'll be so grateful that we are sticking to a budget and working this plan.

Live like no one else, so later you can live and give like no one else!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lillian: Six Months

Height: 25" 15% 

Weight: 18lb 5oz 85%
Diaper Size: Size 4's. We had a quick doctor visit two weeks ago and I had her in a size 3 and her ped politely said that I should probably go a head and move up in size since she's chunky haha.

Clothing size: She is in 6 month clothes and a few 6-9 month things. For Pj's we have to put her in a long sleeve onesie and pants because all of the 6month zip up/button up PJ's are too long in the body for her. Poor thing.

Nicknames: We still call her Bug, or Lilly bug most of the time. 

Health: We've fought a cold for almost 3.5 weeks... It was awful. But she is back 90% now thank goodness.

Sleep: She is still sleeping like a champ. Because of her cold she actually slept in her rock-n-play for 3 weeks straight. I was worried that we would have an issue transitioning back to her crib, but nope. Lilly loves her crib and her room, and sleeps great. The morning of the 26th (her actual half birthday) I woke up at 8:30 in a panic. For a split second I thought the monitor had died and imagined her laying in her crib crying. Nope... she was still fast asleep. I actually had to wake her up and she was not happy about it. See picture below.

Eating: Same as 5 months. Still eating 32-36oz a day of formula, and once a day she gets a full jar of level one baby food. I felt bad for all of 1 day that we are feeding her store bought baby food. She loves the food we've given her, its organic, so whatever. Her favorite so far is the honey-crisp apple. Which doesnt surprise me a bit.

Favorites: Being in the car.... We've had a serious issue with her napping lately. So admittedly we have loaded her up in the car and driven around just to get her to nap. She also really enjoys just laying on the ground and rolling around. Her favorite toy right now is an empty water bottle. Give her one of those and shes good till you take it away.

Milestones: Lillian is officially a sitter upper. She starting sitting up on her own on August 28th and hasnt looked back. We're still working on crawling but we'll get there!

Happy half birthday sweet girl. We love you more then words!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lillian: Five Months

Height: 24.5 inches (I think, I measured her myself so it could be off)

Weight: 16.8 pounds

Diaper Size: Size 3's

Clothing size: She is still wearing 3-6 months. There are a few things that are 0-3 months that she still fits in though. There are also a few 6 month things she fits in. The weird sizing for girls clothing evidently starts at birth.

Nicknames: Lilly Bug is the one we use most.

Health: We think she is starting to teeth, shes been fussier then normal lately which is very abnormal for her. not excited about the next few months.

Sleep: Girl sleeps like a champ. Its been rough getting her to fall asleep lately but once shes out shes good to go and sleeps all night till between 7 and 8 in the morning. We also moved her to her crib which shes done great with. Momma however isn't taking it well. I spend most of my nights laying in bed staring at the monitor.... During the day her morning naps have gotten shorter and shorter. Now she only cat naps for about 20 to 30 minuets. In the afternoons she will normally sleep for an hour or two though which lets me get stuff done around the house.

Eating: She is still eating 32-34 oz of Earths Best formula a day. We have started purees once a day as well. Shes loved everything shes tried so far. Butternut squash was her first, and since then shes also had peas and bananas.

Favorites: Lilly has discovered her screaming voice again. When she was an itty bitty thing she would scream bloody murder for no reason and we've started it up again. Her aunt Lisa is convinced its because Lilly is bored being stuck at home with just me to look at haha. So we have done lots of trips to Target lately, she loves being in her stroller so its a win/win (except for our bank account... oops).

Milestones: This month we officially learned how to roll from back to belly. Anytime you put Lillian down on the floor or in her crib she rolls around like a little worm. She also has started to "sit up". Not totally on her own but we've almost got it down

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lillian: Four Months

Height: 23.5 inches (13%)

Weight: 15 lbs 5.6 oz (74%) Yup you read that right... she is short and fat!

Diaper Size: Still in size threes

Clothing size: 3-6 months on most things, a few 6 month items fit (width wise at least haha)

Nicknames: Bug is the one we use the most, or squiggle worm

Health: Perfect, I'm thinking shes got her daddy's immune system thank the Lord

Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ! She goes down between 9-10 and sleeps till 7:30-9am. I generally let her sleep till she wakes up on her own unless we have something planned where we need to be on a solid schedule for the day. She also usually takes 2 naps a day. One in the morning and one mid afternoon. She sometimes takes little cat naps around 6 but not every day.

Eating: We are 100% on formula now which I've come to terms with. She gets 8oz bottles every 4 hours during the day. We also usually do a 6oz bottle around 7:30pm and her last 2oz around 8:30pm. I feel like thats easier on her tummy then a full 8oz right before bed.

Favorites: This month she LOVED blowing bubbles. All day every day. For a while she basically gave up cooing/talking for bubbles... which drove me nuts because she would spit everywhere haha. Thankfully by the end of the month she is back to giggling and talking up a storm. Toys she is loving are her rattles and exersaucer. She is a busy little thing!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Llillian: Three Months

Height: 23 inches (or at least thats what I got when I measured her, no doctors visit this month so I'm not 100% sure)
Weight: 14 lbs
Diaper Size: We just moved up to size threes. We ran out of twos and while the threes are a tiny bit too big they work
Clothing size: She is still in some 0-3 month things and some 3-6 month things. I'm trying to dress her in all of her 0-3 month outfits over the next week or so to make sure we wore them all haha
Nicknames: Little bit, honey bun, wiggle worm, Lilly bug
Health: this past month we did have to make a "sick kid" trip but it was just for an infected nail bed. We still love her doctor and are so glad that we stuck with her.
Sleep: Lilly sleeps like a champ. She usually wakes up between 7-9am (it depends on when she fell asleep the night before). Then is awake for the day taking a few catnaps here and there. Sometimes she will take longer naps but not every day. She then goes down for the night between 8-10 (this depends on the nap situation during the day).
Eating: Home girl is a hungry hungry hippo. She eats every 3 hours during the day and has 6oz at each feeding. At night before bed sometimes instead of 6oz we will just give her 2-4oz depending on how she is acting. Also over the past month my supply of breast milk has steadily decreased and I'm now only pumping 2x a day and she gets 2oz of breast milk during her lunch time feeding. The rest of the time she gets Earths Best organic formula and loves it.
Favorites: Lilly's favorite toy right now is her stuffed elephant rattle that Nana got for her, and she still loves her lamb paci. She loves chit chats with Tyler when he gets home from work, and a new thing we've started at night is she gets to lay in our bed with us for a little bit before we lay her down in her bassinet. She just giggles and chats up a storm the whole time.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lillian: Two Months

This is a week late but the info/pictures are right!

Lilly's second month of life was good one. She is growing like a weed! The girl loves to eat and sleep which is great. We've had to supplement more with formula but she is still getting 2-3 bottles a day of the good old fashion boob milk. At her two month appointment we found out she is short and chunky and perfect. On the way to the scale the sweet nurse said she bet that Lilly was over 10lbs, I laughed because she broke 10lbs before she hit a month old. At two months she was 12lbs 10oz, 22 inches long. 81% for weight and only 30% for height.... like I said, short and chunky.

Some nicknames we call her are Little bit, honey bun, pop-tart, chunkster, and baby girl.
She loves to smile and giggle, and the girl LOVES to talk.
She sleeps through the night and loves being in her bassinet or crib. If its passed her bed time (9pm) she will fuss and want to be laid down. She usually will sooth herself to sleep by sucking her thumb and talking to her self.
She hates tummy time now, and prefers to be sitting up so she can look around. We do out best though and do tummy time a few times a day.
Lilly has a strong grip and will grab and hold on to her paci and can even get it back in her mouth on her own if she pops it out on accident.
Baths are her second favorite time of the day (other then bed time), she just sits and coo's and would soak in the tub all night if we let her.

She honestly is such a laid back, easy baby. She does have her moments where she will scream for no reason, but they are few and far between. We are LUCKY!!

Happy two months on earth little one!