Monday, December 14, 2015

25 Weeks

How far along
25 weeks

How big is baby
13.6 inches and 1.5 lbs

Weight Gain/Loss 
I actually havent gained any weight this week.

Headaches and heartburn are a daily struggle. I'm also still feeling growing pains, which at this point I'm sure will just be a weekly symptom.

Maternity clothes
Yup, and some of my maternity shirts are actually getting a little short *sad face*. Ones that I used to be able to wear with leggings now must be worn with jeans because they arent long enough to cover the booty and crotch any more.... lame.

Stretch marks
Still havent noticed any of these.

I've started having weird dreams again like I did in the first trimester and I don't like it. I'm also waking up more to go to the restroom.

Sweet baby girl

I've been getting kicked in the ribs lately which is new. I guess she's really doing cartwheels now and flipping all around.

Best moment this week
Getting to see my birth mother Renee. She flew down from Ohio to visit and hang out for the weekend.

Food cravings
Nothing new here. Give me all the food, except chicken. I don't want any chicken.

Downs this week
I've been exhausted this past week, just feeling really pregnant. Which is sad because I still have 15 weeks to go which means I'm just going to get bigger...

Labor signs

Wedding rings on or off
Still on.

Belly button
It's still in at this point but looks like it could pop out at any second.

I havent done anything nursery wise in the past week or so but I have added more to her closet. Hanna Andersson had a 30% off everything sale going this weekend at the mall so yeah.... I'm glad hubby appreciates well made clothing and he is totally ok with spending a little more on things that will last. Especially if we have more little ones that can get use out of it.

Still no "real" workouts. I did a lot of walking the past week though which was good. I've got to start lifting weights again though (I think I say that every week)

I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST! So no 3 hour test for this girl, praise Jesus!

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Renee Nelson said...

~Love reading along with your updates girlie! And favorite time of that week was hanging with you all also.��