Monday, December 7, 2015

24 Weeks

How far along
24 weeks = six months = its getting real

How big is baby
According to my Glow app she is 11.8 inches and 1.3lbs. But I'm betting she is closer to 1.5 lbs since she always measures a little big (but who doesnt love a chunky baby?).

Weight Gain/Loss 
Lets just be real here. At this point I'm up almost 30 pounds from my pre-clomid weight, even though I don't think I look like I'm 30 lbs heavier its still not a fun number to see on the scale. I had a melt down about this fact on Friday night. I'm trying to remind myself that I'm growing a human being and as long as she is healthy, I'm healthy and my doctor isn't worried then I shouldn't worry either.

Heartburn is still a daily issue to the point where I should've bought stock in Tums. Also my hips have been killing me this week which isn't fun either.

Maternity clothes
Still trying to pull off a few non-maternity shirts, and I've embraced the fact that I just won't be able to zip up any of my jackets this winter, at least I have lots of scarves to keep my front warm.

Stretch marks
Still nothing that I've noticed. The dark line on my belly is getting more noticeable though, but just from my belly button down.

Sleep is ok I guess. Baby girl wakes me up around 3am every morning kicking away at my bladder though.

Baby girl, even though I had to explain to two separate male strangers that I am in fact having a girl... They both said they think its a boy because of how low I'm carrying. Yes, I'm carrying low. I'm short and short waisted so of course she is low, there isn't much room for me to carry high. 

We got her first monogrammed bow this past weekend and I'm in love. Its huge and I'm obsessed (her initials are hidden because we're keeping her name a secret). Seeing her sweet little initials in lime green made me tear up in the middle of South Park mall like a goon.


Kicking and flipping up a storm and I love it, I still accidentally giggle or squeal sometimes when she kicks because it catches me off guard.

Best moment this week
Having a few strangers ask when I'm due, its also amazing how sweet people are to a pregnant lady. Also getting to hear her sweet little heartbeat at the doctor on Friday. Feeling her kick is a great feeling, but hearing that strong heart beat is just so reassuring.

Food cravings
I've been really in to pizza lately, not even gonna lie.

Downs this week
See above where I talked about my melt down about my weight. These melt downs are starting to happen about once a week over different things. Sitting on my couch sobbing for no good reason wasn't exactly a high point of my week.

Labor signs
Nothing yet, and praying it stays that way.

Wedding rings on or off
Still on.

Belly button
In, but getting super shallow. I'm nervous about seeing what the inside of my belly button looks like.... it weirds me out.

Didn't work in there a lot at all this week. But we did buy knobs for her changing table/vanity from Anthropologie this week. Hubby picked out these beautiful sparrow knobs, and a sweet little fox for the center drawer. I might end up painting them, but I'm not sure. I've got 16 weeks to figure it out

Did lots of squats this week, and lots of walking, which is probably why my hips hurt so bad.
Oh well.

On another note, I had my one hour glucose screening on Friday. The orange drink wasnt terrible, I was lucky that it was ice cold which made it easier to drink. I felt fine the first 30 minuets, then sugar stomach set in and all I wanted to do was chug water but no could do. Fingers crossed I passed because I don't know if I can handle the three hour test. I'll find out this week though, so tune in next week for the update on that.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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