Tuesday, November 24, 2015

22 Weeks

How far along
22 weeks... crazy

How big is baby
10.9 in and 15-20oz

Weight Gain/Loss 
Up another pound

 Headaches still almost daily, and some hip pain.

Maternity clothes
Yup, my favorite piece right now is this sweater from Target. I did however manage to pull off the sweater in the above picture which is a non maternity piece that I've had for a few years. Its not as long now as it was when I used to wear it but whatever, the booty is covered so I wore it with pride.

Stretch marks 
None yet... fingers crossed 
After sleeping on a pull out couch last friday night, I am more thankful then ever for my tempurpedic and my collection of pillows.

Baby Girl. Not even ashamed that I ordered a 20 set of bows this weekend. Everyone was posting about this amazing deal and I couldnt pass it up. I just hope she has hair... If not, i'll have to invest in some elastic headbands to clip her bows on.

She is a kicker for sure. I'm also pretty sure I've felt her flipping around too.

Best moment this week
Just feeling her move. No matter what is going on, a kick or two can make me smile.

Food cravings
 Nothing out of the ordinary. I have been jamming on some cowtail candies lately. 

Downs this week
It was a rough week emotionally because of the loss of my aunt Sage, so yeah.

Labor signs
Nothing yet, praying it stays that way for at least another 18 weeks.

Wedding rings on or off
Still on

Belly button
Still in, but getting shallow

Didn't even go in there this week.... again, it was a stressful week.

No actual workouts, but I was on my feet in heels a lot this week which counts as a workout right now in my book.

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A Carolina Mrs. said...

You look great! I am also going crazy with bows. I did order a lot of elastic to attach them all to headbands while she is little.