Monday, November 16, 2015

21 Weeks

How far along
21 weeks, 19 to go!

How big is baby
10.5 inches and 12.7oz (but I'm sure our chunk is more like 13oz at this point)
Weight Gain/Loss 
We'll just say gain...

Round ligament pain and headaches. I did get a belly support band so I'm hoping that can help with the RL pain. I have an awful sway back (my ballet teachers always fussed at me for it) and this growing belly is only making it worse, so I'm just waiting for the back pain to start.

Maternity clothes

Stretch marks 
Nothing yet, praise Jesus. Still slathering up with coconut oil, and burts bees belly butter.
Sleep is ok, but its getting more awkward to get comfortable.  

Sweet little girl

Still kicking like crazy. Mostly first thing in the mornings and in the evening. I'm pretty sure I felt a kick from the outside this week but I'm not 100%. My heartbeat is really strong in my stomach so its hard to tell the difference between kicks and my heartbeat.   

Best moment this week
Still basking in the glow of finding out its a girl. I'm so excited for her to grow up with my cousins little girl just like she and I did. They will be best friends for sure. 

Food cravings
Pizza.... Give me all the pizza. 

Downs this week
This week was actually good. I've felt a million percent better. Having my energy back is amazing.

Labor signs
Nothing yet, praying I give this same report for at least the next 18 weeks.

Wedding rings on or off
Got them on now

Belly button
Still in

Not much work has gone on, but girl has clothes out the wazoo already.... we've discovered GoodWill is an AWESOME place to find baby clothes. We've found some name brand stuff (Childrens Place, Gap, etc.) and everything is $1-$2 which makes hubby happy. Also loving the clearance rack at Target.

I actually did good this week. Light weights and squats. I also helped with some yard work this weekend, and walked around in heels all day on Saturday. My glutes are still sore!

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