Monday, November 2, 2015

19 Weeks


 How far along
19 weeks, almost halfway

How big is baby
6in and 8.5oz, the size of a cute little mango
Weight Gain/Loss 
Up one more pound this week

Still round ligament pain... Its not fun at all.

Maternity clothes
Yup, still hanging on to my non maternity tank tops but they are getting shorter and shorter by the day.

Stretch marks 
Haven't noticed any yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Sleep is good. Mood is up and down, aka mood swings....

We will know Thursday! Vote in the side bar

On the daily now. It still loves being in the car because it goes nuts any time I'm in the car. Its my kid for sure. 

Best moment this week
The first real "that was definantly baby kicking and not gas" happened when we were in bed and Tyler fell asleep with his hand on my belly and baby went crazy kicking right where Tyler's hand was.

Food cravings
I havent had any real "cravings", I've been telling people that its more like a "omg this is the best *whatever* I've ever eaten"

Downs (This used to be "missing anything" but I've decided to re-word it
Bathroom trips every 5 minuets! We drove to the mountains on Saturday and it was almost unbearable 

Labor signs
Nope, nope, nope.

Wedding rings on or off
Got them on right now

Belly button
In but looking weirder by the day

Tyler made my week when he moved my desk out of the nursery and also moved the dog crates from the nursery to the den. Not even gonna lie, I cried when I got home that day and saw all the hard work he had put in. I'm a lucky girl to call him mine.

Failed in this category again. I feel like I'm never going to work out again. When we were in Hendersonville this weekend we passed a 9 round and man I miss that place. I hated it every time I was there, but a good butt kicking a few times a week was great. 

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Mackensey Stang said...

so exciting you find out the gender this week! the anticipation is no fun but finding out is the best! can't wait to hear!