Tuesday, October 27, 2015

18 Weeks

How far along
18 weeks!

How big is baby
5.6 in and 6.7oz and the size of a sweet potato.
Weight Gain/Loss 
Holding steady in this department. My doctor isnt worried though because of my initial 10lb weight gain the first month haha.


Round ligament pain is the bane of my existence right now. I actually had a minor freak out last week because the cramping was so bad so I made a last minuet doctors appointment which turned into the fast appointment ever. Got to hear baby's heart beat (still in the 150's), and was reassured that its just my uterus growing. My mother in law then reminded me that Tyler was 10lbs when he was born so in other words I'm growing a monster, so "growing pains" are bound to happen. Yay.

Maternity clothes
Yes, yes and yes. I'm loving wrap front sweaters right now. None of my zip up jackets actually zip anymore so the wrap fronts are great for snuggling up in my freezing office during the day.

Stretch marks 
None so far. I also just read that coconut oil is a good moisturizer for a growing belly so I'll be adding that to my nighttime regimen.

Sleep has been good lately. I'm still taking unisom and B6 every night (which I've been taking since clomid hell round one for nausea) which knocks me out and helps me sleep through the night.

9 days!

I'll randomly feel baby when I'm driving. Its gonna be like its momma and love spending time in the car evidently. Or it could just be dancing to the music that I usually have cranked up way to loud for a 28 year old mother to be. 

Best moment this week
Starting our registry! Its in the EARLY stages but watching Tyler walk around BuyBuy Baby scanning things was adorable.

Food cravings
Nothing to crazy here. Salt and vinegar chips have been my go to lately though. 

Missing anything
Not really, just some of my non-maternity fall clothes. 

Labor signs
Nope, nope, nope.

Wedding rings on or off
 Still on. A little loose like usual in the mornings, but they do tend to get a little snug as the day goes on. Nothing unbearable though.

Belly button
Still in

Didn't do a single thing in there this week. Mommy fail.

Yeah about that... 

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