Monday, October 19, 2015

17 Weeks

I might at some point actually take good weekly pictures instead of weird bathroom selfies... Maybe haha. 

How far along
17 weeks

How big is baby
 5.1 in long and 5 oz. The size of a tangy little pomegranate
Weight Gain/Loss 
I actually didn't gain anything this week... I cut out my nightly moonpie and have actually been eating a little healthier this week 

Still having round ligament pain and headaches. A new symptom this week has been tail bone pain, I'm pretty sure I'm growing a huge baby seeing that I'm already having tail bone pain.

Maternity clothes
Full panel maternity jeans are fabulous.

Stretch marks 
I thought I saw some last night, but turns out there were marks from my shirt where I had been laying on the couch. 

Sleep is getting better. We had our tempurpedic delivered on Wednesday and it's been a dream. The moods however have still been all over the place.

Countdown is at 17 days! I'm still team boy even if it will break my heart painting my "pink room"

I'm almost 100% positive I felt some movement this past week, but again, I'm not sure.

Best moment this week
Being told I "look pregnant" now. No more looking/feeling like I'm just fat.

Food cravings
Still on the hamburger train. I want hamburgers every night.

Missing anything
Sushi.... real sushi. Not just California rolls, but sashimi tuna from Rusans.

Labor signs

Wedding rings on or off
 Still on, except for last week when I forgot to put them on one day when I was running late. Pregnancy brain is a real thing.

Belly button
My scar is looking weirder by the day, and my actual belly button is getting shallower and shallower. 

Still working on clearing it out which is a nightmare. I did however make progress by clearing out my desk. Now to take it apart and move it either to my parents house or into Tyler's home office. We also got a quote for new floors. The 20 year old carpet has got to go. It grosses me out thinking about my sweet baby crawling around on these floors haha.

Thanks to the tail bone pain, squats didn't really happen this week. Gotta get back on the workout train!

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