Monday, October 5, 2015

15 weeks

How far along
15 weeks. Well 15w2d today. 

How big is baby
4 inches 2.5oz, the size of a cute little avocado.

Weight Gain/Loss 
I'm holding steady at 10lbs. I know it's a lot this soon but again, thanks to Clomid I'm counting my pre-pregnancy weight as my "pre-clomid" weight. I've been the same weight for almost two months now. I'm sure I'll start gaining more soon though.

I've felt 1000x better the past week! I'm still getting headaches almost daily though which isn't fun. I've slowly added coffee back to my daily routine though which seems to help.

Maternity clothes
Yeah buddy. So thankful for my cousin Katie. She had a baby in July and was nice enough to give me her maternity clothes! The shirts and leggings she gave me have been a life saver. I also actually went on a small shopping spree on Saturday at Destination Maternity. I was nervous but the girl that helped me out was great and Tyler was a huge help too and made the experience enjoyable.

Stretch marks 
None that I've seen so far

I'm still getting up a few times to potty and according to Tyler I'm still all over the place. I guess its practice for when baby comes and a few hours of sleep at a time will be as good as it gets.

I'm still team Boy at this point.... 5 more weeks till we get to find out!

Nothing yet.

Best moment this week
It has to be the look on Tyler's face when I came out of the dressing room with the fake bump on. I really wish i had taken a picture. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. He said that he needs to see the bump grow gradually, not within a few seconds. Thanks for the laugh babe.

Food cravings
I've been thinking about pumpkin pie a lot lately... Thanksgiving can't get here soon enough.

Missing anything
Being able to grab anything out of my closet and just put it on. I've been piecing things together to wear lately but Saturday Tyler said he felt bad for me because I "look defeated" every morning when I get dressed. Hence the trip to the mall for clothes that will fit my growing everything. 

Labor signs
Thankfully no! Hopefully not for another 25 weeks!

Wedding rings on or off
Wearing them right now

Belly button
Still in, kinda. But I have a weird belly button anyways (thanks to getting it pierced three times and my gallbladder being removed via it.... ugh)

Yeah.... I kinda started on cleaning it out. It's going to be a slow process.

I started a squat challenge! And I plan on throwing in a few walks and some light strength training this week. Yay for feeling better and actually wanting to do something other then lay in bed.

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