Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Hap-Pinning

Linking up today with Jessi and Jenn for What's Hap-pinning!

I went brunette last week and I'm loving it! Don't get me wrong I love being a blonde but dark hair is just sooooo much easier. 

This past week has also been baby heavy. We started our registry on Saturday and walking around BuyBuyBaby was overwhelming to say the least. We have an appointment to go back next week to have a "expert" help us out. My researching and googling is getting out of control so I figure I need to just talk to someone that knows what they're talking about. 

Some big things that we already have locked down that we want are:

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with the bassinet add on. 

The Chicco Nextfit Zip. Tyler picked this car seat out months ago because he said it looks like a pod of safety... And after researching I'd have to agree haha.

I also think I've narrowed our monitor search down to the following two options. Any input from moms out there is greatly appreciated! 
Motorola MBP33

Summer wide view

Last baby thing! We find out next week if we're having a boy or girl so go vote on what you think on the poll in the side bar! 

Ok enough baby stuff for now. On to a few pins from Hubbys board this last week 

We're on the downswing of the week! Hope everyone enjoys the last few days of October!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

18 Weeks

How far along
18 weeks!

How big is baby
5.6 in and 6.7oz and the size of a sweet potato.
Weight Gain/Loss 
Holding steady in this department. My doctor isnt worried though because of my initial 10lb weight gain the first month haha.


Round ligament pain is the bane of my existence right now. I actually had a minor freak out last week because the cramping was so bad so I made a last minuet doctors appointment which turned into the fast appointment ever. Got to hear baby's heart beat (still in the 150's), and was reassured that its just my uterus growing. My mother in law then reminded me that Tyler was 10lbs when he was born so in other words I'm growing a monster, so "growing pains" are bound to happen. Yay.

Maternity clothes
Yes, yes and yes. I'm loving wrap front sweaters right now. None of my zip up jackets actually zip anymore so the wrap fronts are great for snuggling up in my freezing office during the day.

Stretch marks 
None so far. I also just read that coconut oil is a good moisturizer for a growing belly so I'll be adding that to my nighttime regimen.

Sleep has been good lately. I'm still taking unisom and B6 every night (which I've been taking since clomid hell round one for nausea) which knocks me out and helps me sleep through the night.

9 days!

I'll randomly feel baby when I'm driving. Its gonna be like its momma and love spending time in the car evidently. Or it could just be dancing to the music that I usually have cranked up way to loud for a 28 year old mother to be. 

Best moment this week
Starting our registry! Its in the EARLY stages but watching Tyler walk around BuyBuy Baby scanning things was adorable.

Food cravings
Nothing to crazy here. Salt and vinegar chips have been my go to lately though. 

Missing anything
Not really, just some of my non-maternity fall clothes. 

Labor signs
Nope, nope, nope.

Wedding rings on or off
 Still on. A little loose like usual in the mornings, but they do tend to get a little snug as the day goes on. Nothing unbearable though.

Belly button
Still in

Didn't do a single thing in there this week. Mommy fail.

Yeah about that... 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's Hap-Pinning

Happy hump day!! Linking up today with Jessi and Jenn for What's Hap-pinning

I have a hair appointment today (hallelujah!) so I've been on a "hair ideas" pinning/googling spree. I'm going dark for the winter so lots of chocolate/auburn. I'm obsessed! 

And this last one is my favorite

I'm also planning on cutting a few inches off my hair. As much as I love it, it's looking scraggly. I'm loving this long layers. 

And just because. Here are a few pins from Hubby's pinterest 

I loved pinky and the brain!! And that dog, to die for. 

His caption "and this is why all the husbands leave as soon as dinner is over"... True story. 

He knows the way to my heart

He pinned this because he knew it would make me mad haha. He is one of those "oh it's 9pm and I just realized I haven't eaten yet" people... I am the opposite. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

17 Weeks

I might at some point actually take good weekly pictures instead of weird bathroom selfies... Maybe haha. 

How far along
17 weeks

How big is baby
 5.1 in long and 5 oz. The size of a tangy little pomegranate
Weight Gain/Loss 
I actually didn't gain anything this week... I cut out my nightly moonpie and have actually been eating a little healthier this week 

Still having round ligament pain and headaches. A new symptom this week has been tail bone pain, I'm pretty sure I'm growing a huge baby seeing that I'm already having tail bone pain.

Maternity clothes
Full panel maternity jeans are fabulous.

Stretch marks 
I thought I saw some last night, but turns out there were marks from my shirt where I had been laying on the couch. 

Sleep is getting better. We had our tempurpedic delivered on Wednesday and it's been a dream. The moods however have still been all over the place.

Countdown is at 17 days! I'm still team boy even if it will break my heart painting my "pink room"

I'm almost 100% positive I felt some movement this past week, but again, I'm not sure.

Best moment this week
Being told I "look pregnant" now. No more looking/feeling like I'm just fat.

Food cravings
Still on the hamburger train. I want hamburgers every night.

Missing anything
Sushi.... real sushi. Not just California rolls, but sashimi tuna from Rusans.

Labor signs

Wedding rings on or off
 Still on, except for last week when I forgot to put them on one day when I was running late. Pregnancy brain is a real thing.

Belly button
My scar is looking weirder by the day, and my actual belly button is getting shallower and shallower. 

Still working on clearing it out which is a nightmare. I did however make progress by clearing out my desk. Now to take it apart and move it either to my parents house or into Tyler's home office. We also got a quote for new floors. The 20 year old carpet has got to go. It grosses me out thinking about my sweet baby crawling around on these floors haha.

Thanks to the tail bone pain, squats didn't really happen this week. Gotta get back on the workout train!

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Road to Baby

I've written, re-written, saved, and edited this post multiple times over the past month or so. I've been debating on actually posting it, but it's real life. Fertility issues are something people don't enjoy talking about but it is a real life issue that many couples deal with. While our journey wasn't as long or as hard as others, that doesn't mean it wasn't tough. This is our story....

The day it really started was at a Panthers game last winter. Tyler and I were looking through the over priced fan shop when he picked up the sweetest little stuffed bear wearing a panthers shirt and said that he wanted to get it for when we have a little one. Melt my heart in to a puddle right there on the floor. It was in that moment that we decided it was time to try!

Tyler was convinced we would get pregnant right away. In my heart I knew it wouldn't be that easy. Little did I know I was right.

I'm going to get in to some TMI topics so if medical stuff makes you uncomfortable then stop reading now.

Winter 2014-2015
Went off birth control which I had been on since I turned 18.

My cycle still wasn't on a normal cycle. I knew it would probably be a little out of wack the first few months off birth control so I tried not to stress. I was working out, eating healthy, and just going about my daily life. I did however start "tracking" using OPK's this month.
Quick lesson, an OPK is an ovulation predictor kit. I splurged and bought a digital that was supposed to have a flashing smiley face on your "its almost time!" days and a solid smile on the "you better get to business today!" day.
I had a solid week of flashing smiles (these should only show up for one or two days before a solid smile) and finally a solid smile on March 5th!

Negative pregnancy test... and no sign of a cycle....

First doctor's appointment with my new doctor on April 6th (cycle day 50), she prescribed me progesterone to try and "jump start my cycle" and also prescribed me my fist round of Clomid 50mg.  After a lengthy conversation about my history/symptoms (I had gained over 10 lbs since I stopped birth control all while working out diligently and watching what I was eating, aka the opposite of what should be happening) she was pretty confident that I had PCOS so my body wasn't going to ovulate on its own. I was thankful that she was so proactive, usually they tell you to keep trying for at least a year naturally to see if it happens. I think she could sense how scared I was and also my symptoms were PCOS to a T.
April 16th CD 60 I had my first ultrasound and PCOS was confirmed. My ovaries looked like chocolate chip cookies. Seeing that many cysts scared me even more but I trusted my doctor and the plan she had laid out.
CD 61 and aunt flow finally showed up! Started Clomid on CD 3, and began feeling symptoms almost immediately.  Headaches/nausea/fatigue to name a few, but I kept telling myself it would be worth it.
Used OPK's again with lots of flashy smiles and but no solid, and then came the hot flashes. I'm dreading menopause after experiencing Clomid hot flashes. I stayed hopeful though, hot flashes meant it was working!

Blood work on CD 21 May 7th to measure my progesterone levels to see if ovulation had occurred. May 11th I receive the phone call, Clomid didn't work. I didn't ovulate.
Tyler and I had some long conversations and prayed a lot. Should we keep going down this medical route to try and conceive? Or just give it up to God. The medication had wrecked havoc on my body, I was miserable. Not only physically but emotionally.
My follow up appointment with my OB was on CD42, we discussed the side effects I experienced on the 50 mg of Clomid, my disappointment that it hadn't worked, etc. My doctor then, with no pressure at all, wrote me a prescription for progesterone and Clomid 100 mg. She said she understood if I didn't want to take them but that she really believed I should give it one more chance.
I called Tyler when I left the office and we decided to give it one more go, but this would be my last.
CD 42 I started progesterone with instructions to take 100 mg of Clomid CD 3-7 which came two weeks later

Enter round two of Clomid hell. Bless Tyler's heart for dealing with me during that time because I could barely put up with myself. The headaches/mood swings/nausea/weight gain rolled in to one was almost unbearable. But again.... "it will be worth it". However June 2015 will go down as one of the worst months I've ever had.
June 29th, CD 22 blood work.
June 30th..... received the phone call "I'm sorry, the Clomid didn't work... at this point your next option will be to see a fertility specialist".
My body had failed me again. I cried, Tyler comforted me, we talked about our options and decided that we were done.
We would give it up to God.
If we were meant to have children it would happen, but we didn't want to put my body through any more stress.
Some people have the strength and courage to move forward with IUI and IVF, which are both amazing options, but I don't think I physically or emotionally could've handled them.

My birthday month! We were going to just enjoy married life and being fur parents to our puppies and our Siamese. We had a trip to Virgina planned, my birthday to celebrate, the birth of my cousins baby to be excited about. Life was good.
We started P90x3 on July 6th, cleaned up our diets and we're ready to get in shape.
July 17th I vividly remember a conversation about our future, non-parent plans. We would be out of debt before the end of 2015 and start saving for a home and to buy an old Ford Bronco as a "project car". Isn't it funny how as soon as you plan your future, God steps in? 
July 18th CD 41 I decided to take a pregnancy test just for the heck of it.
If you're TTC you know that you usually have a stock pile of pregnancy tests and I was getting sick of looking at them, so why not use them? I knew it would be negative.... 
Like I'd done what seemed like a million times, I peed on the stick, and flipped the test upside down on the counter and went about my morning routine. Brushed my teeth and washed my face. Decided it had been long enough for that one solid pink line to show up, flipped it over, and there they were... Two pink lines. I immediately broke down. I dug in my stockpile for a digital test. The results popped up almost immediately. "Pregnant" "1-2 weeks". After seeing so many of those tests say "Not Pregnant", seeing it without a "Not" took my breath away. 

I had always planned on telling Tyler in some cute, well thought out way but I was so emotional, there was no time for that. I walked out to the den with the tests behind my back, he immediately stood up and asked what was wrong and I handed him the tests. He looked down and with a huge smile "are you serious?!" 

We spent the rest of the day talking about our future mini, we went out shopping, got a few baby books, and just enjoyed the day together. 

The road to baby wasn't an easy one, and the first few months of pregnancy weren't been much easier. But I am so thankful that God has blessed us with this child and I can't wait to hold it in my arms.

Just remember no matter what you're struggling with, give it to God. He knows exactly what you need and his plan for you is perfect even if it doesn't go how you think it will. And he will never give you more then you can handle.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

16 Weeks

Excuse the crazy hair/bathroom selfie. I tried to get Tyler to take pictures and yeah...

How far along
16 weeks 

How big is baby
4.6 inches long, 3.5 oz and the size of a dill pickle

Weight Gain/Loss 
I somehow gained 3 pounds overnight, last week. But its all for the baby!

Round ligament pain is no joke, neither are these headaches. Other then those two issues though I'm feeling great.

Maternity clothes
Yup! Maternity leggings are my new favorite thing.

Stretch marks 
Not yet, I'm trying to emotionally prepare myself for them though... Until then I'll keep using my lotions/oils daily.

Sleep has sucked lately. We got a new bed about a month ago and it's been awful. Thankfully we were able to exchange it and our new tempurpedic will be delivered on Wednesday. I hated spending that much money, but in the long run I know it will be worth it.
Also I had my first pregnancy induced crying episode on Saturday night. It had been a long day and driving home from Mount Airy in the rain was wearing on my nerves (Tyler was driving) and we pulled in to our drive way and Tyler said something to me completely innocently and I lost it. He just sat and stared at me because I literally haven't cried since the day we found out we were pregnant. So this was very out of left field. And so it begins haha.

The appointment is set! November 5th is the big day! I'm still team boy, but I did have a dream last night that we found out it was a girl....

Sometimes I could swear I feel a flutter, but I'm not sure.

Best moment this week
Hearing baby's heartbeat on Friday at my doctors appointment. It was strong and in the 150's. Lower then our last appointment but I know its normal for it to fluctuate.
Also, if you know me at all you know that I'm a big Ace and TJ fan (if you're not from the Charlotte area, they are a morning show on the radio here). I usually tweet at them a few times a week and Friday it was discussed on their internet show about how I'm pregnant. I won't go in to details but it was very entertaining.

Food cravings
Hamburgers. I want a hamburger every night. Tyler bought 3 pounds of hamburger meat on Saturday so hopefully I'll be set for the week haha.

Missing anything
I just don't feel like myself which is weird. I'm not used to being exhausted all the time. I miss having the energy to do what I want.

Labor signs
Nothing yet! Praying I don't have any news on this for at least another 24 weeks.

Wedding rings on or off

Belly button
Its getting weirder looking. As it it wasn't weird enough to begin with. Yay surgery scar!

I straightened up the mess last week so you can actually see the floor. I still need to move the dog's crates out of that room and in to the den so I can really start clearing out the room... I'm dreading it.

Keeping up with the squat challenge I started! I didn't get to walk as much as I wanted last week thanks to the continued rain, and I had plans a few nights last week. We did walk around the Autumn Leaves festival all day on Saturday though and my hips are still sore because of it.

Tyler's attempts 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! We made it!! And today is a special Friday because a huge chunk of my heart turns 10 today! My niece Ella is the big 1-0! I can't believe it's been 10 years since this little firecracker came in to our lives and I remember it like it was yesterday. The excitement while waiting in the hospital waiting room and the joy I felt when I held her for the first time. Her full head of hair and deep blue eyes immediately stole a piece of my heart. 

So my five are dedicated to a few of my favorite pictures of her because I can't get enough of how cute she is. 


I mean hello.... Look at that double chin and those cheeks! And yes, I actually wore those sunglasses and thought I looked good. She looked better.


I think her Elmo phase was my favorite. She was however terrified of her tickle me Elmo, and I can't say I blame her. 


She used to love playing with photo booth on my MacBook. But two Ella's? I don't know how I'd feel about that.


She has no fear of fashion. Especially if it means putting on every article of clothing she got for Christmas. 


Her hair is cut in the cutest bob ever now. But in my head I still see this sweet little face with that "all the way to her booty" hair. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I can't wait to celebrate this girls birthday with my family on Sunday with lots of cake and ice cream!! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What's Hap-pinning

Since the pin's from my husbands "For the wife" board got some good reactions last week. I'll start with a few from this past week that he thought I'd enjoy, so I figured you ladies would enjoy them too.




Problem solved:  

This one has the caption "this solves all your problems!"... I have a major fear of running out of toliet paper, so of course a toilet paper tree just seems logical.  

Now for some things I've found that I'll probably never actually attempt

Easy ornament Christmas wreath:

This looks to easy to be true.... I made a ornament wreath in the past but learned my lesson that hot glue does NOT hold up outside in freezing temps. Coming home to ornaments all over my front porch did not make for a good Tuesday evening. 

 Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake is perfect for any holiday event!:  

I lied... I might actually try these recipes (click the pics for the links to the recipes)   

Thanksgiving Wreath…with Burlap Bunting:

This seems like a simple enough wreath! I've been slacking on the DIY's lately and its bothering me. But I actually think I could knock this out in under 10 minuets and its simple and cute.

15 Gorgeous Fall Wreaths:

Or if I'm feeling motivated, I could try one of these....
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! I can't wait to see what is up in yall's world! Thanks to Jessie and Jenn for the link up.