Monday, September 14, 2015

More about our bed

I feel like all I've been talking about lately is bedding but like I said in Friday's post, I'm basically obsessed right now.... I've been on the hunt for a white quilt for our bed and I've searched everywhere online and in stores. Then of course I finally found one I'm in love with yesterday at the one place I hadn't searched yet, good ole' Target! 

We were at my parents house for birthday lunch for my sweet dad and per usual Tyler the chef had to be there at 10am so he could get the chickens in the oven. Well of course we forgot the basting brushes in our scramble to leave our house at 9:30am so I volunteered to "run to target real quick" once we were at my parents.

Of course a woman does not just "run in target to pick one thing up" so yeah. I ended up in the home section and there it was! A whole section of quilts!

Yes, I found the basting brushes that he needed! But of course before we ate he had to announce to everyone that the skin on the chicken wasn't as crispy as it should've been because I took too long at target. Oops.

I ended up going with the Threshold Raw Edge Quilt which is actually 10% off right now!

I'm basically in love and it was a very successful Target trip. Now I just have to find/make a bed skirt, and I still need to talk Tyler in to making the headboard I want.   

Hope everyone else had a successful weekend!

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