Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Lately

Since its been ages since I've written I decided to do a quick recap of the past few months

Ran, well walked my 4th 5k with my sister, momma, and niece. And of course the only picture I have is a selfie I took on my way home.

Tyler traveled a lot which sucked but it gave me time to craft for the house which is always fun

The month started with serious plumbing issues at the Foley house.... both bathrooms flooded, TWICE... so I spent a week at my parents house with the dogs while that got worked out.
Only the finest cowboy hats and mullets for the only septic tank workers we could get last minuet on a rainy Sunday.... And my adorable hubby finally getting to cut down the box hedge that he has hated for the past 5 years. 

I had my first acupuncture experience. And OMG it was amazing. If you have any type of aches and pains I highly recommend it.

My niece had her dance recital and cute doesn't even begin to describe it. Per usual my mom took 5000 pictures for me and none of them turned out good. But the picture of mom, Tyler and my niece=perfection.

Our sweet Poundcake was hit by a car and passed away. 

Overall June was one of the crappiest months I've ever had, so I'm really glad it only had 30 days.

I did get highlights which was a plus. 

Spent the 4th in Virginia with Tyler's family and had a blast. Shot guns, played with horses, set off fire works and ate way to much.

We also started P90x3 and it 1000% kicked my butt. But I got to wear my amazing mermaid tank. 

We also quit P90x3....

Had a lunch date with these cute girls 

I turned 28 but still claim 22, but my eyes are 28 which meant I now need glasses

Nothing too exciting. I've been dealing with some health issues so I've been laying low as of lately. Fingers crossed things have been figured out and I'll start feeling better. Prayers are greatly appreciated!

So there ya go. Not the most in depth exciting re-cap but I feel better now that everyone (all 3 of you that read my blog) are caught up.

Here is to a more exciting September!

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