Monday, September 28, 2015

14 Weeks :: Bump Date

Happy Monday! Starting off this week with my first bumpdate. 

How far along
14 weeks, due March 26th. Hello second trimester! I sure am glad to see you.
How big is baby
A tart little lemon, 3.4 inches long and 1.5 oz

Oh hi hormone headaches.... nice to meet you. I've always struggled with headaches (tension and migraines) so as sad as it is I'm actually used to having headaches almost constantly but not being able to take my usual hard core headache meds sucks if we're being honest. Tylonal just doesn't have the same effect. I will however gladly take headaches over the constant nauseous feeling that I had for a solid two months during the first trimester.

Maternity clothes
Girl yes. Before I actually got pregnant I had already gained a few "bloat pounds" thanks to a few rounds of clomid (post about that to come) so the jeans were already getting a little snug. I've been loving my belly bands because I habent found any maternity pants that I like yet. But maternity shirts are my favorite thing ever.

Stretch marks 

Ugh this has been a nightmare, literally. Between not being able to get comfortable, the terrible dreams, and having to get up 12x a night to pee I'm lucky if I get a total of about 4 hours.

Unknown at this point. I'm about 99.9% its a boy but we'll see! Hurry up 20 weeks!

Nope nothing yet.

Best moment this week
Finally announcing to the world that we're expecting!

Food cravings
Sour patch kids. Give me all the sour patch kids....

Missing anything
Not even gonna lie... I'd love a big ole glass of wine with a side of tequila.

Have you started to show
See above picture... yup. Although I still think I just look like I've gained a few.

Labor signs

Wedding rings on or off

At this point its still jammed packed full of crap. It stresses me out every time I walk by it.... maybe I'll get started on it this week.

Ha. Yet another thing I need to get started on this week. I felt so crappy the first part of this pregnancy I didnt do so much as lift a finger.

I'm so excited to document the next 6 months of this journey!


Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Looking great! Before you know it you'll be at the half-way point!

Laura Darling said...

You look great! I hope your headaches start to feel better soon. Enjoy those sour patch kids! :)