Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Now we have a Poundcake

The day before New Years eve while I was at work I get a text from Tyler "this isn't Cupcake" with a picture of a dirty white kitten sitting on our front porch, ear deep in Cupcake's food dish.

Evidently he went to get the mail when our neighbor stopped him and asked if we had "lost our cat". Nope.... She then went on to tell him that she saw a little white cat screaming its head off in the bushes of our next door neighbors house. So of course being the sweet man he is, Tyler went over and scooped the dirty little thing up and brought it to our house for food and water. The poor little guy was filthy and had a cut over his eye.

After a good sink bath, a trip to the vet, ear drops to get rid of "the worst case of ear mites" our vet had ever seen, and flea medicine, we are now a family of 6. His name is Poundcake and he is a fat, fluffy little ball of sass.


Welcome to the family little guy!

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