Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Linking up with the lovely ladies for Five on Friday, because.... I haven't written in a while.

Sunshine! Finally!! Its been so yucky lately and it's had me in a horrible slump. I'm a summer baby, I need sunshine!!

Poundcake (post to come about this little muffin).

Last week my new phone... as in not even two weeks old...decided to die. I was sitting at the dentist perusing Pinterest when all of a sudden my screen flashed red and just died. It eventually came back on but I had the same issue 3 more times. For me, the idea that my phone might die at any moment is enough to cause a panic attack. So to the Apple store I went. The geek boy couldn't figure out what was wrong with my phone but luckily they just replaced the defective one with a shiny new one. Fingers crossed I don't have the same issue.

Grey's Anatomy. I'm obsessed (and so is Poundcake). Like watched an episode on my phone on my lunch break obsessed. How did I not watch this when it first was on tv??

Water. I have drank so much water the past week, I'm surprised I haven't floated away. But the rumor is true. Drinking more water makes you feel better even if you don't change anything else in your life, drink more water! Ton's of it! Trust me.

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