Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dear North Carolina,

Get your act together please, I think you might be drunk.

The weather the past week has been ridiculous and my sinus' and wardrobe are over it.

80 and sunny on Saturday, cold and rainy on Sunday, back to the 80's on Monday and then tornado warnings yesterday? It's like we're in the weather twilight zone.

In the past week I've worn flip flops, rain boots, and Uggs.

Come on fall weather. I'm ready for ya! Sweaters, boots and scarves OH MY!

We all know I'm not a fashion blogger (like not even a little bit), but here are some fall looks I'm loving. And don't get excited, the actuality of me trying/pulling off any of these looks is zero to none.... All of these looks are from girls/stores I stalk follow on Instagram. Check them out for actual fashion advice.

 Kate blogs at  For The Love Of Fancy

Caitlin writes over at Southern Curls and Pearls 


Fingers crossed we will see some real fall weather here in Charlotte soon! But until then I'm spending a long weekend in the mountains where I can wear sweaters without sweating my butt off.

So what are some of your favorite fall looks??


Beth Bocock said...

Yes! I am dying here! Since it wasn't pouring and gross today, I decided to work on my garden (putting it together for next spring) and ended up having to come in early because it was TOO HOT!

I love summer and I never want it to end, but come on Fall, get your act together.

Beth at

Beth Bocock said...


I nominated Love is Pink for a Liebster Award.