Monday, September 8, 2014

Goodbye Gallbladder

Last Wednesday Tyler and I woke up at 5 am  to get ready to head uptown for my Hida Scan.

If you know me, you know I've had "tummy troubles" for the last 8 or 9 years without any concrete diagnosis or relief. And I've finally had enough. After originally seeing my primary care Dr for daily headaches (turns out you can get addicted to Excedrin migraine in a hurry.... and the combination of rebound headaches/tension headache/migraine = me not being able to move almost every morning because my head hurt so bad). We got the headache situation mostly under control, but I also talked to her about my stomach issues and was immediately put on a gluten free diet and told to see a gastroenterologist.

Long story short, gluten free didn't do anything but help me loose a few lbs, and none of the medications I have been prescribed have fixed my issues. Being in pain/nauseated on a daily basis isn't the most fun thing to deal with.

The past month has included doctors appointments, blood work, an ultra sound, all of which came back normal.... Then finally last week, the Hida Scan.

I was given an injection of radioactive dye and shoved in a scan machine for over an hour. If the scan technician hadn't been so nice (I still need to write him a thank you card), and Tyler hadn't been able to stay in the room with me to hold my hand when needed, I probably would've had to have bee admitted to the psych ward.While the first part didn't hurt, my anxiety was in full swing.

Then came the second part.

He attached me to an IV, and back in the scanner I went. About 10 seconds in the pain started, and I'll admit by the end of the 30 minuet scan I was in tears. 

The next day I received the call from my doctor. My gallbladder isn't doing it's job, and needs to come out. Finally an answer!

While I'm terrified to have surgery, I am thankful that I finally know there is actually something wrong and I'm not just crazy.

Now I just need to stop goggling and you-tubing "gallbladder surgery"......