Friday, August 22, 2014

I Still Don't Belive It

 It still hasn't quite sunk in that I can stop stressing....

I can quit obsessing over googling for a "good area" with a Target and a PetSmart (priorities....).
I can delete my daily Zillow emails.
I can actually put some effort in to decorating our home again, instead of not caring because "we'll just have to pack it all up anyways" (it currently looks like we live in a bachelor pad).
I can stop dreading the thought of having to make Cupcake an indoor cat and the joy of cleaning a liter box.
No more worrying if Roxy is too big to be considered a "small dog" for a rental (no one wants to rent you a house if you have anything bigger then a Yorkie.... I think Zoey is even over the weight limit for some places)

Make sense yet? Probably not.

Long story short:

Last November we were told that we would have to relocate to Georgia for Tyler's job. They didn't tell us when exactly we would have to move, only that they would give us a 1-2 month notice. I cried a lot, my sister cried a lot, and I'm pretty sure my mom has cried too. And then there's my dad who would randomly look at me and say "do you want me to make you cry, because I can" (referring to me possibly living more then 30 miles away from them).

Needless to say, I've been on edge ever since.

But all of that stress is officially over! My prayers have been answered....

We don't have to move!! We get to stay in Charlotte!!

I always thought the post I'd write about this would involve a picture of the "Welcome to GA" sign and a melodramatic paragraph about being on to "bigger and better things". But nope!

Sorry North Carolina, the Foley's are staying put.

Now I might actually start writing again instead of spending all of my free time on Zillow, Google, and City-Data.

I forgot to add the response I got from my sister when I told her we weren't moving 

She works at our church and I still think she should've yelled "hallelujah!" But whatever!!