Monday, March 10, 2014

P90x3 Week Three

Week three was off to a bang! Tyler dragged my butt to the gym on Sunday and kicked it.

It was awesome! We spent two hours working out and this chick burned 733 calories. Which in my world means I didn't feel guilty about the cocktail I had later that night. The best part about it was the fact that only about 20 min of that 2 hours was cardio. The rest of the time was spent on weight training and I loved it. It's actually fun lifting weights and having Tyler there to make sure I'm doing it right makes a difference as well. I'll admit I left the gym feeling like I was going to puke but yes, it was worth it. We also pushed and did the P90 workout when we got home. So 2.5 hours of working out.... Heck yeah.

Now the P90 workouts were the same again and I've decided I hate Isometrics. I'm not sure why but I just do. It's like yoga but suckier. I'm still totally in to the CVX workout, it's 30 minuets of doing a twisting, jumping, stretching workout while holding a weight the entire time. I'm only using a 3lb weight which sounds wimpy, but trust me, hold even a 3lb weight and swinging it around for 30 minuets makes it feel like a 20 lb rock.

I'll also admit that the Friday workout didn't happen again this week. We did go to the gym on Saturday but only stayed for 30 minuets. Tyler has a sinus infection and I just felt blah. We did something right in those 30 minuets though because on Sunday my triceps were sore (yay).

I'm excited for the workouts being different this week, and since I have a hair appointment tonight I'm planning on going to 9 rounds on my lunch. I know I'm not sticking to the P90 plan exactly but I figure as long as I'm working out 5-6 days a week I'm doing something right.

Week 4 lets do this!

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Pamela said...

You got this! :)