Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Goals

February seemed to fly by, but at the same time it seemed like it lasted forever? Weird right.
And reviewing my goals for the month I'm realizing I evidently forgot about them the day after I wrote them...

  • Make Tyler's 30th birthday the best day ever - I did succeed at this. We went to all of his favorite stores (Gander Mountain, Dicks, Barnes and Noble), grabbed drinks at Brixx and then had an awesome dinner at my parents house. So yes, I nailed this one.
 Us and the nieces and cousin

Mom and Tyler, it's kinda silly how much they like each other

Brother in law, cousin Ellis, and hubby
  • 9rounds 5x a week for the first two weeks (my membership runs out the 14th so I need to go every day until then) - nailed it the first week... the second week of February though was Snowpocolypse which means the gym was closed half of the week.
  • Clean up my diet - Eh...
  • Start P90x3 with Tyler after 9rounds is done - YES! You can read my week one review here
  • Write more - I guess this is true, I posted more then once.
  • Get rid of the junk in the pink room/garage/house in general. Its amazing how much crap we have accumulated in just 2.5 years in this house - Nope, it's still a wreck. My excuse is that it gets really cold in that room so I've had no desire to even go in there.
  • Keep up with the saving/killing debt plan - Yep!
  • See my friends/socialize with people other then my family - Yeah I failed at this. I did spend an amazing saturday with my mom though out shopping which is a big step. And we did run into a friend and chatted for a while so baby steps right?
  • Work on 101 in 1001 things (I'm thinking I won't be able to finish this by September this year which is the technical deadline, so instead of feeling like a failure I'm going to keep it up and make it my 101 before 30 list) - didn't check even one thing off. I actually haven't even pulled the list out of my planner in the last month. Fail Rebekah, fail.
Whats planned for March:
  • Keep up with P90x3, like every day, every workout.
  • Start a Advocare 24 day cleanse
  • Enjoy my cousins wedding (aka don't stress out, just enjoy it!)
  • Clean up my diet for real (as Tyler is sitting here making the grocery list and just wrote down cookies)
  • Go to Trader Joe's (I've never been and want to go)
  • Clean out/wash my car (she is gross... like gross)
  • Work on my blog layout, add my facebook link, insta, advocare link
I can't think right now, which is why that is the lamest list ever. But maybe I'll actually do the stuff since its a short list. We'll see.

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