Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy last day of February!

My hot/cold therapy compress. This sweet piece of engineering has gotten me and my bad hip through my second week of P90x3. While I get funny looks because I sit on it at work I don't even care. Judge all you want folks, but my butt hurts and alternating hot/cold is the only thing that helps!

CVS Deep Soothing Hot Cold Natural Moist Heat Pack 

I found an amazing peanut butter icing recipe and is super easy to make! It also tastes dang good on a chocolate cupcake (when Tyler is out of town and I'm home alone, I bake... it's bad)

My sweet (bossy) sister. She talked me into making a Love is Pink Facebook page this week, and while I have no idea how to run/use it, it already has more likes then I have followers on blogger so it works I guess.

I found my dress for my cousins bridesmaid luncheon and it was the FIRST dress I tried on. How does that even happen? I also found the perfect shoes (which took longer to find, but I'll try on shoes all day if needed).

 Last but not least, I'd like to shout out to one of my besties, Beth, and say Happy Birthday Blue Magic!!!  Girl.... we've been through a lot, including the birthday pictured below which means we can make it through anything! LOVE YOU!!!

Don't mind the awful faces.... those lemon drops were a bi*ch (ohhhh to be young again when slamming endless shots at the bar was a normal Friday night, it's crazy how things change).

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


MakeMeUpMia said...

Girl, that cupcake looks so delicious! Love the dress and shoes, yay for it being the first one!

P!nky said...

Super cute dress and love that cupcake! And your blog name, pink is my favorite!

Amanda said...

Stopping by from the link up! The dress is super cute! And my, my. my how times change! Sleeping in is now 7:30. ha! I miss snoozing the day away!

Sarah O said...

Where did you find that cute dress? I love it!