Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Day in the Life

What does a typical Tuesday look like through my eyes....

Drive to work... so much traffic. "I hate 485" *said everyone in Charlotte*


Ace&TJ button... du. If you don't listen you need to download it right now!

So many emails

Quest bar snack = chocolate crumbs everywhere

File, file, file

Getting gas so an awkward selfie was a must

Paperwork, so much paperwork!

Lunch! Yes at 2:30, don't judge me, rice and tuna.

Time for some crystal lite energy! (this will be Spark in my glass soon!!) And I know you like that balloon dinosaur in the background... that poor thing is slowly withering away but I refuse to toss him.

Key lime greek yogurt with a smashed up granola bar = best thing ever

The drive home is a lot better then the drive to work, especially now that it stays light out!

Yoga! This kicked Tyler and My's butts! 

Me and the girls watching Tyler pack for a business trip, none of us are happy when he has to go out of town

Welcome to my boring fabulous daily life. That basically is what every weekday looks like. The only difference is the 6:30 workout, and the food.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! Here's to being half way done with the work week!


Pamela said...

I hear my Grandmother rant & rave about 485 all the time, ha! Gotta love Ace & TJ!!

MakeMeUpMia said...

That Key Lime yogurt is a fave, I need to try it with granola. I am a Spark addict... It perks me up for the gym when I drink it on weeknights, always have to have my Fruit Punch canister :)