Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taking time off

I need a mental vacation.

Not that I have been blogging a ton lately (obviously) but I've been stressing my self out over the fact that I haven't been writing. Which is the complete opposite reason I even created this little slice of internet.

On that note I've decided to not worry about trying to write until after the new year. Between the holidays and trying to get myself healthy/in shape it just doesn't leave a lot of time in between to focus on this hobby.

Like I said previously, there is also a lot going on in my personal life that I can't share out in the open which makes it hard to write about other things when I'm mentally focused on something else. I hate not being able to talk about exactly whats going on because it's really exciting and it's become a big focus in my spare time (am I confusing you enough yet?).

Anyways I just felt like I needed to put this all out there for myself. So in 10 years and I randomly remember that I used to have a blog and look it up I won't question why I just stopped writing.

I'll see ya in 2014 Love Is Pink!!

In other random news, Zoey had a teeth cleaning appointment two weeks ago and evidently the chunk butt has gained almost a pound since her last appointment. She still isn't technically overweight but is getting really close to the line.... I'm blaming it on her poofy winter coat. 

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

We will miss you until then!!! But your break is completely understandable, love!!! Take the time you need! And in the meantime...that picture of Zoey will absolutely hold us over. THE CUTENESS! MY HEAVENS!!! :)