Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend recap

This weekend was pretty entertaining and as usual I didn't take any good pictures. Oh well I'll learn one day (maybe). 

Saturday was my sister in laws birthday so she came down from VA to party it up in Charlotte. So in classic Foley tradition we bar hopped down Montford. Started at Angry Ales (no pictures because I was too focused on stuffing my face) where I ran in to a friend I haven't seen in years! The fact that my friends are parents blows my mind. It's crazy that we are actually adults now. 

After Angrys it was on to Brazwells for tequila shots and Mimosas! 

The fact that I used to work right by this deck makes me sad, I miss working in  that area, I especially miss drunk girls wandering in to Palm Beach on Saturday nights after realizing how pale they looked and requesting spray tans. Hilarious. 

It was then on to Moose Head where we ran into some of Tyler's friends from Queens, which is always fun. Then we ended the night at Nom Nom for some grub. And that's when the funniest thing happened. 

We had been picking on Tyler all day saying he looked like Vin Diesel because of his outfit and as we were walking out of dinner this random guy sitting at the bar goes "hey man! Has anyone told you that you look like Vin Diesel? That's awesome man" 

I died.

Literally about fell on the ground laughing. Tyler was trying not to smile but our point was totally proven! I am married to a sexy man beast that looks like Vin Diesel! 

I mean right? Yes Tyler is taller, but dude has it going on! 

And this is how "Vin" ended his weekend 

Cuddled with his dogs... 

How was your weekend? 

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Beth Bocock said...

I've actually thought that since I saw a picture of him on one of your previous posts!