Thursday, November 7, 2013

She Thought I Was Cool

Saturday night Tyler and I stopped at a random pizza joint near our house to have dinner and it made my night because our sweet little waitress thought I was cool.

For starters we figured out she probably wasn't even 18 because Tyler ordered a beer and another waitress had to bring it out to him (law prohibits underagers from running alcoholic drinks in restaurants), or she was over 18 but defiantly not 21. So in my world she is like a baby.

Well she comes by to drop off our appetizer and goes "Oh mah gah did that piercing hurt?" (referring to my conch piercing). I didn't skip a beat and according to Tyler went into full teenage girl mode explaining all about how I wanted to punch the guy in the face when he pierced it because it hurt so bad, but have loved it ever sense. And how I want to get my rook redone and so on and so on. The whole conversation lasted maybe 3 minuets and probably included about 37 "likes", and ended with her telling me of a piercing/tattoo shop out where we live where "her mom took her to get her rook pierced".

After she walked away I was sitting there grinning and Tyler, laughing, goes "she totally thinks you're 21". I smiled even bigger and said "well let her think that! I'm cool!", and as soon as it came out of my mouth I died a little bit. I was actually excited that this 18 year old girl thought of me as a peer and not as just some old married lady who was eating dinner at 5pm on a Saturday. How sad is that!?

And here are some embarrassing throw back Thursday pictures which were taken for my MySpace (duh) of when I had my industrial and had just gotten my inner conch pierced, and obviously thought starbucks was the coolest thing in the world, and felt like it was still apporpriate to wear a ribbon in my hair?

Man I'm glad I've grown up since then, NOT

Please refer to my picture in my last post where I'm slamming a wine bottle to the face... you know, doing grown up things.

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Beth Bocock said...

My husband is always picking on me when I start cheesing after someone pays me a compliment or hits it off well with me.

I can't help it. I just like to be liked and it feels good to feel good.