Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Hate Being a Grown Up

In the words of the wise Jenna Marbles... I hate being a grown up.

This is something I've come to realize more and more over the past few years. Between taxes, having to pay bills, actually having to pay for my own gas/groceries, etc etc, I've come to realize, being a grown up SUCKS.

Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back to being a underager if I had the choice because I really do love my life, the fact that I've finally figured out how to style my hair, and can drink/buy wine whenever I want.

Some stuff about being a grown up just really irritates me, like daylight savings time.... We're only 3 days in and I can already tell SAD is setting in (it's a real thing people, look it up!).


I used to LOVE falling back, I mean it's an extra hour of sleep/partying right?


Not anymore. Now it means on the weekends my dogs will wake up at 6:30 instead of 7:30,  it is pitch black by the time I get home from work at 6pm (mental note: I need to get Tyler to instal a motion sensor light... blindly trying to find my way up on our porch and trying to unlock the door in the dark is a nightmare), and it means I am ready for bed at 7 every night because my motivation to do things is totally zapped when it's dark outside.

(Emily is young and doesn't quite understand what being a grown up is all about)

With my old job, falling back was never an issue. I worked weird hours so it didn't really bother me. Getting home at 11pm meant it was going to be dark outside no matter what time of year it was, and at least I had the morning/afternoon to enjoy the sunshine (and free tanning helped too). But at this point my body still isn't used to this whole 8-5 sitting in a cubical stuff.

But part of being a grown up is getting it together and dealing with stuff you don't want to. So GET IT TOGETHER REBEKAH!!! 124 more days till spring forward.... March 9th... I can't wait to see you.


Beth Bocock said...

SAD has been hitting me hard too! And the fact that it's been rainy, cloudy, and very cold is not helping WHATSOEVER! Wishing for spring...


Pamela said...

hahah oh the joys of growing up! ugh!

Katie said...

Getting dark SO early sucks. I have caught myself yawning by 7 every evening since Daylight Savings Time.

I liked the comment about your friend being young hahah I agree with your tweet :)

laura said...

i feel ya with the SAD thing - gets me every year!

Laura Darling said...

I think I have a touch of the SAD too!! It's just so depressing to leave for work in the dark, and come home in the dark!

Rachel said...

There is much about growing up which isn't great. I think that hit me when I discovered I had to pay hard earned money for stuff like toilet paper and soap to wash the floors with. Who wants to actually work to pay money for stuff like that?

Breanna said...

Ha I loved this post! I can totally relate to just about everything, it really sucks when you start to feel 'old.'