Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did you know

I discovered something that I didn't actually realize was real life

Mini cows are a real thing... 

A few weeks ago at the corner store near my house there was a sign about a mini cow for sale and I thought it was a gag. Nope evidently not! And the picture above is my dream. I want a Great Pyrenees and a mini cow. In my world that would be perfection. They could be friends and run and play together.

If we ever win the lottery, we would buy a farm and I would have all the mini animals I could get my hands on. Mini horses, mini lamas, pygmy goats, mini cows, and mini donkeys. I would also have regular size horses and very large dogs along with a heard of tiny dogs like Zoey.


These tiny animals are so majestic I can't even stand it.


MakeMeUpMia said...

My boss has 3 mini cows and they are precious! I didn't know they existed either until he bought them.

Maggie Reardon said...

Even the post is not about the Great Pyrenees, I still have to comment on them. They are my dreaaaam dog! So cute!