Monday, November 25, 2013


Well this past weekend was totally uneventful but at the same time chalk full of excitement/randomness.

I'll be honest, I don't even remember what we did on Friday night which means we were probably in bed by 10. Only to be woken up at 7am by the dogs barking for no reason other then they were awake and thought we should be too.

So what better to do at 7:30 on a Saturday morning then make some coffee, pop in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and get to Christmas tree decorating. If you recall my tree is pink which makes a Marilyn Monroe movie marathon while decorating 100% acceptable. And seeing that we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet I wouldn't dare pop in a Christmas movie (I'm not that crazy).

Since they were up, the animals decided to help me

I also thought it would be a good idea to electrocute myself, and accidentally grabbed a broken light and stabbed myself with the filament (I think thats the right word) sticking out while they were plugged in. It's something I wouldn't suggest.

After the excitement of the Christmas tree Tyler and I headed off to the vet with CC for his 8 month check up. He was not happy to be there at all. Bless his heart.

But my little boy is a solid 8.2 lbs and healthy as a horse. A mean horse... but a healthy one.

Saturday night ended with me digging though old paperwork and a spontaneous bonfire at 9pm, now that we actually have trash pick up Lord knows I'm not throwing anything with our personal info on it away. You don't know where those guys take your trash! Hello, haven't you seen Identity Theft? That ish is for real!

We then stayed up till midnight and in our tired stuper decided to let the dogs sleep in bed with us... bad idea. Zoey kept me up all night breathing in my face and running up and down the bed (how she is so fat I'll never understand, she is always moving). So yup, up early again it was!

I spent Sunday running errands and doing house work. I also got to see my furry niece and nephew.

 And I started on a Christmas card wreath which I'm excited about and might actually finish (not making any promises though).

Sunday ended by watching a few episodes of Too Cute that Tyler had recorded for me and I'm not even gonna lie... I bawled my eyes out over this.

Please do yourself a favor and google "pipsqueak headbutts puppies" and watch it...

Thats when I knew it was time for bed...

Hope yall had a good weekend too! Now come on Thanksgiving! I'm ready to eat!!!

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