Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Cove: Part 2

Finally made it to mom's house with the dogs. Dad commented on how fat Zoey has gotten (no duh). Mom wasn't ready yet (no duh, love you mom!). Finally got mom and mom's stuff loaded in the car then off to pick up the sister aka: Lisa.

1/8 of a mile from Lisa's house and second panic attack hits.

I clipped a deer with my car. This thing literally came out of nowhere. Mom even said she had been looking right in the direction that it came from and didn't see it. Luckily I was able to slam on breaks and the deer and my car were ok. I did have to pull over in the next neighborhood and calm my self down though. I've never had that close of a call before with a deer.

Well we finally made it to the church and that's when the fun began!

We were in group 16 with the best leader ever Karla.

The weekend was starting off with a masquerade party Thursday night once we got to The Cove so before lunch we got to decorate these "awesome" masks.

I think mine turned out ok, even though most of the charms had fallen off by the time the party happened. Mom and Judy (Karla's mom) were very serious about their mask decorating. I still think these two need to be BFF's, they are hilarious together. 

Karla being the awesome group leader she is surprised us with these adorable gift bags for the trip

Obviously tissues are a necessity for a church retreat, mints for after all the yummy meals, and a candle with matches "for that weird smell that all hotels have". All of these items were greatly appreciated and came in handy!

After lunch it was time to load up on the buses. Now why I ever thought it was going to be ok for me to ride a tour bus all the way to Asheville I'll never know. But third panic attack of the day happened when I raced to the bus and realized that the first 10 rows were already reserved (this chick has to be up front or pukage will happen). I proceeded to strong arm my way through the group of older ladies back off the bus before I had a full blown melt down on the bus in front of everyone.

Long story short, Lisa and I ended up ridding together in my car which worked out perfectly. I still feel bad about leaving mom stranded on the bus. She said she made friends though so no worries there.

Three hours later, WE MADE IT!

We ended up pulling in right behind the buses, so perfect timing.
Unloaded and unpacked in our adorable room 112

The only problem was that there was no TV. I think mom pointed that fact out about 100 times before the weekend was over haha.
We didn't have much time before dinner so we walked around for a few minuets to just get our bearings down. Saying this place was beautiful is an understatement. I want to live there forever.

Dinner was at 5:30 followed by desert and mingling. And of course I forgot my camera and all I have is the following from my i-phone.
And yes my dress is to big which I didn't figure out until the night before we left so it was too late at that point to figure something else out. Don't judge, this is why I'm NOT a fashion blogger

While it was a rough road getting to the Cove, as soon as we pulled in the parking lot a calmness came over me and it was an amazing weekend.

Part 3 tomorrow, here comes the Jesus stuff.

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