Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random Weeknight Shenanigans

So Thursday night at the Foley house was epic to say the least. And I hate to admit it but it was pretty normal in the realm of our lives.

Got home and I'm in the kitchen and hear a mower. At first I think its our neighbor, look out the window, and yes it is our neighbor but he is mowing our yard.... Tyler's mower broke about a month ago which means our yard has started to look like a jungle. The dogs were starting to protest potty breaks, poor Zoey could barely see over the top of the grass. But by the grace of God we have amazing neighbors like Brandon who will mow our grass on his fancy professional mower with out us even asking.

Tyler got home while the mowing was happening, so he packed a bag of ammo and frozen homemade soup and hand delivered it to Brandon's house. I mean we had to pay him back somehow. And nothing says thank you like 9mm shells and homemade goodies!

After the yard was mowed and Brandon went home Tyler started on dinner. He had all four burners going and I was sweeping when he started yelling at me to grab the cat. I immediately suspected the snake was back. But nope, it was a mouse, on our kitchen counter. So of course what do we do? Put the cat on the kitchen counter too. Turns out CC sucks at mouse catching. It turned in to Tyler and I scrambling around trying to catch this thing with Tupperware and tongs all while trying to not let the cat on the stove. Needless to say we didn't catch it. The debacle ended with the mouse leaping off the counter and running under the fridge (where the snake evidently lives).  Great.

Dinner was awesome (of course, Tyler cooked it). Then it was football time. Which means I leave Tyler in the living room with the dogs and go paint my nails or something.

Yup, that's a normal night at our house. Awesome neighbors doing neighborly things, trying to catch a mouse and failing, and Tyler screaming at our TV until 10pm.

Good times.


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Libby said...

That's so funny! That is totally how my husband would thank our neighbors for something like that. Also, mice in the house totally stinks! We have a couple every year when it gets cold out it seems like. Good luck catching it! :)